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1. The Online Simulation System Research Of Reactor Physics In Nuclear Power Plant
2. Study On Damage Charicteristics And Safty Threshold Of Rock Vibration By Blast
3. Study On The Intelligence Technology Of Nuclear Power Plant Fault Diagnosis
4. Seismic Response Analysis Of Nuclear Power Plants Considering Soil-Structure Interaction Effects
5. Research On Key Techniques For Health Monitoring Of Steam Generator In Nuclear Power Plant
6. The Development Of Fuel Rod Damage Character Analysis Code For Light Water Reactor Of Nuclear Power Plant
7. Nuclear Power Plant And Pumped Storage Station Modelling And Coordinated Operation
8. Structure And Reliability Research Of Digital Reactor Protection System In Nuclear Power Plant
9. Research On In-core Fuel Management And Optimization Of Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Power Plants
10. Research On Predictive Control Methodology Of The Secondary System Of The Marine Nuclear Power Plant
11. The Research On Key-Indexes-Oriented Interface Management System Of Nuclear Power Plant Project
12. Study On Transportation Of Low-Grade Thermal Energy Over Long Distance By Ammonia-Water Absorption Technology
13. Research On The Computerized Operation Procedures System Of Nuclear Power Plants
14. Study On The Application Of Data Fusion Intelligent Diagnostic System To Nuclear Power Plants
15. Study On Hydrogen Control For Severe Accident Conditions In The Large Dry Containment
16. The Digital Control System Design And Its Reliability Study Of Reactor Power Control In Nuclear Power Plant
17. Study On Some Issues Of Environmental Function Zone In The Offshore Area Of Nuclear Power Plants
18. Study On Hydraulic Design And Reliability Of Centrifugal Charging Pump In 1000 MW Nuclear Power Plants
19. Design Optimization Of Parameter In Nuclear Power Plant
20. Study On The Impact Location Estimation Of Loose Parts In Nuclear Power Plant
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