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Keyword [Channel Estimation]
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1. Research On Power Line Communication Key Technologies For 10kV Power Distribution Grid Operation Monitoring
2. Research On Key Techniques Of Power Line High Rate Data Communication Based On Adaptive OFDM
3. Research On Channel Estimation And DCF Algorithm Of Wireless Internet Access For Passenger Train Application
4. Spatial Interference Cancellation And Channel Estimation For Multiple-input Multiple-output Wireless Communication Systems
5. Realization Of A Low-Voltage Powerline OFDM Communication System And The Study Of Its Equalization And Synchronization
6. Channel Estimation For Power-Line Communication Based On OFDM System
7. Research On Channel Estimations Of OFDM Communication System In PLC
8. The Research On Channel Estimation For OFDM System Over Low Voltage Power Line
9. The Anti-Doppler Technology Of LTE Downlink System In High-Speed Railway Scenario
10. Part Of The Key Technologies Of Ofdm-based Powerline Communications In The Study
11. The Key Technology Research, The Application Of Ofdm In Uav Communications Link
12. Research On Channel Equalization Technique In Underwater Acoustic Communication
13. The Research Of Midamble Aided Channel Estimation Technology In The High-speed Railway
14. Research On Anti-multipath Technology On UVA Control System
15. Research On Channel Estimation Based On OFDM Of Low-voltage Power Line
16. Research On Lightweight Physical Layer Assist Authentication Technique In Smart Grid
17. Research On Channel Estimation Technology In The High-speed Railway Environment By Used TDD LTE
18. Implementation Of Signal Detection Algorithm In Multi-carrier Communication System With FPGA
19. Research And Simulation Of Random Access For L-band Digital Aeronautical Communication System1
20. Desgin And Implementation Of Receiver For Broadband Aeronautical Data Link System
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