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21. Study On The Mechanism Of Cell Memory For Mammalian Genomic Imprinting
22. Study On The Relationship Between Nitric Oxide-treated Production Of Plant Secondary Metabolite Isoflavone And DNA Methylation
23. Experimental Studies On Human Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Expression And Regulation Mechanism In Senescence Modal Of Human Embryo Kidney
24. Characteristics Of DNA Constitution And Epigenetic Changes In B Chromosomes Of Rye (Secale Cereale L.)
25. Regulation Of DNA Methylation And Imprinting Gene Expression In Early Pre-Implantation Cloned Mice
26. Proteomic And DNA Methylation Changes In An Elite Rice Induced By Space Environment
27. Predicting Methylation Status Of CpG Islands From Genomic Sequences
28. Cloning, Expression And Activity Analysis Of Artificial Endonuclease For Recognition DNA Methyl-sites
29. Comparision Of DNA Methylation In The Oct4 Promoter Region Between Mouse IVF And In Vivo Derived Preimplantation Embryos
30. Mobilization Of Transposons MPing And Pong And Alterations In DNA Methylation Induced By γ Irradiation In Rice
31. NO Stress Induce Variation Of DNA Methylation And Transcriptional Activation Of Mobile Elements And Genes In Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)
32. Methylation Alternations In Oryza Sativa Induced By The Salt And Alkaline Stress
33. The Effect Of Trichostatin A On DNA Methylation Of OCT4 Promoter Of Human Embryonic Fibroblasts And On Development Of Human Somatic Nuclear Transfer Embryos
34. DNA Methylation And Histone Modifications Regulate Gadd45a Expression In Bovine Adult Tissues
35. Neonatal Intramuscular Injection Of Plasmid DNA Encoding GLP-1 Affects Behavior And Hippocampal GR Expression In Adolescent Rats
36. DNA Methylation Status Of Imprinting Genes In Lungs Of Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Bovines
37. Quantitative Methylation Analysis Using The Multiplex Real-time PCR With Homo-Tag Assisted Non-Dimer System (HANDs-qMSP)
38. MBD2b Protein Affinity Chromatography For Whole Genome Methyl-CpG Islands Enrichment
39. The Effects Of Two Stress Treatments On Arabidopsis DNA Methylation
40. DNA Methylation And Histone Modifications Regulate The Expression Of Bovine ZAR1 Gene
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