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1. QTL Mapping For Yield Traits Using Molecular Markers In Wheat
2. Physiological Bases Of Galactomannan Accumulation And Seed Yield Forming Of Guar (Cyamopsis Tetragonolober L.) And Effect Of Nitrogen And Potassium
3. Biodiversity Of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi In Some Areas Of North China And Their Effect On Plant Growth
4. Fluid Dynamic Analysis Of Electrorheological Fluids And Yield-Stress Fluids
5. Sucrose-based Polymer: Preparation, Characterization And Its Physiological Effects And Mechanism On Plants
6. The Role Of Species Diversity For Ecosystem Productivity And Stability In Aquatic Microcosms
7. Breeding Of Cyclodextrin Glucanotransferase High-yield Strain By Ion Implantation
8. Screening Of Inductive-mutant Strain With High Yield Of Laccase, And The Purification, Characterization And Gene Cloning Of The Enzyme From The Mutant
9. Effects Of UV-B Radiation On Six Annual Species On Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
10. Preparation And Luminescent Properties Of Eu~(3+) Doped Inorganic And Organic Nanoparticles
11. Search For B'J/Ψ+baryon+anti-baryon And B'J/Ψη'K At Belle
12. Studies On Effects Of Salt Stress On The Photosynthesis Of Spirulina Platensis
13. Study On Breeding Up High-Yield Strain Of Taxol By Protoplast Mutagensis And Regulation Of Taxol Biosynthesis
14. Viscoelastic-Plastic Constitutive Model For Sea Ice Dynamics Under Meso-Small Scale And Numerical Simulation With SPH Method
15. BEPCII Luminosity Monitor & Upper Limit Of The Yield Of DiOmega In Central Au-Au Collision At Snn~(1/2)=200MeV With HIJING
16. Photosynthetic Yield Model And The Response To Environmental Factors For 5 Kinds Of Mangroves
17. Research On Groundwater Sustainable Yield In Medium And Small Basins Of North China
18. Studies On The Selection Of A High Yield Yeast Strain Of Glucose Tolerance Factor And Its Functional Properties
19. Construction Of Transgenic Strains With Yield Of PUFAs
20. Diagnosis Of The Plasma In The EBIT And The Experimental Study Of The Sputtering Induced By The Impact Of Highly Charged Ion On Solid Surface
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