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1. Studies On An Edible Rotavirus Vaccine Produced In Transgenic Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa L.)
2. The Study On The Potential Of Recombinant Myostatin Protein As Vaccine To Improve Muscle Mass
3. Study On Genetic Engineering Of E Coli Chromosome Using The Recombineering System And A Novel Recombinant E.coli Vaccine Vector
4. B7-1 Costimulating Gene Immunization Potentiates Human Papillomavirus Type 16 E6E7 DNA Vaccine-induced Antitumor Immune Response
5. Study On The Construction Of E3 Region Vector And Analysis Of The DNA Terminal Sequences Of Canine Adenovirus Type 1 Vaccine Strain
6. Construction Of M-CSFr DNA Vaccine And Investigations Of Its Anti-tumor Immune Responses
7. The Cloning Of Helicobacter Pylori HspA, UreB Gene And Their Expression In Plant
8. Construction And Expression Of Recombinant Epitope Vaccine And Development Of Their Purification Strategy From Bench To Pilot Scale
9. Coronavirus Gene Vaccines Mediated By Attenuated Salmonella Typhimurium And Their Immunobiological Properties
10. Studies On The Production Technology Of DNA Vaccine
11. Construction And Use Of Expression System In Lactic Acid Bacteria
12. Expression Of Recombinant HHSP110 In Pichia Pastoris And Its Large-scale Fermentation
13. Investigation Of Animal Reservoirs Of SARS CoV And Immune Characteristics Of The Structural Proteins
14. Expression, Purification, Site-directed Mutagenesis Of Vibrio Anguillarum EmpA Metalloprotease In Escherichia Coli And Development Of Its DNA Vaccine
15. Construction Of New Plasmids For Surface Display On Cells Of Yarrowia Lipolytica And Preliminary Study On The Applications
16. The Profiled M-csf/m-csfr Dna Vaccine Construct Research, And Their Immune Effects
17. The Construction Of Ts87 Gene Recombinant Plasmid And The Expression Of Ts87 In Eukaryotic Cell In Vitro
18. Study On The Transformation Of The Mycobacterium Tuberculosis ESAT-6 Gene Into Papaya
19. Molecular Cloning And Analysis Of The Fusion Glycoprotein Of NDV Sddy-02 Isolate And The Applied Studies On E.coli CpG-DNA In ND Vaccines
20. Construction Of CTB/CS3 Gene Expression Vectors And Transformed Into Cucumber
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