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1. Ecological Effects Of Urban-rural Environmental Gradient On Cinnamomum Camphora And The Stomatal Controlling Foundation
2. Environmental Signifcance Based On Tree-Ring δ~(13)C Annual Series And Azimuth Variation In Subtropical Region Of East China
3. Radiocarbon Dating For Geological Disaster Events
4. Responses Of The Subalpine Fir (Abies Fargesii) Forests In The Qinba Mountains To Regional Climatic Variability
5. Dendroecological Studies On Dominant Conifers Of Subalpine Coniferous Forests In Western Sichuan, Southwest China
6. The Study On The Climatic Response Of The Growth Of Pinus Koraiensis In The Of XiaoXing'AnLing Based On The TREE-RING Eco-physiological Model
7. Population Ecology Of Natural Japanese Yew
8. Analysis And Reconfiguration Of Degraded Desert-oasis Ecotone In The Lower Reaches Of Tarim River
9. Climate Change Over The Past 400 Years In Northwestern China As Inferred From Tree Rings
10. Tree-ring Based Climate And Streamflow Reconstructions During Historical Period For The Upstream Of The Shiyang River
11. Climate Variations In Middle-Western Qilian Mountain Over Past 500 Years Based On Tree Ring
12. Reconstruction And Analysis Of The Past 470 Years' Spring Climate Change In The Urumqi River Source On The Northern Slope Of Tianshan Mountain
13. D/H Ratio Determination Of Cellulose Nitrate From Tree Rings
14. Historical Stand Dynamics And Disturbance History Of An Evergreen Broadleaved Forest Dominated By Schima Superba And Castanopsis Carlesii, On Mt. Tiantong, East China
15. Reconstruction And Analysis Of Climate In The Northern Slopes Of South Tianshan Mountains In Yili Prefecture, Xinjiang Province
16. Reconstruction Of Temperature Variation Since 1500AD In The Arid-semiarid Central-eastern Asia Using Tree-ring Chronology Based On EOF Iteration Scheme
17. Reconstruction Of Past Eco-Climate By Tree-ring Width Index Of Larix Chinensis On MT.Taibai
18. The Dendroclimatological Study On The West Of Northern Slope Of South Tianshan Mountain In YiLi
19. The Study Of Dendroclimatology In Aksu River Basin, Southern Slope Of Tianshan Mountains
20. The Dendroclimatological Study On The East Part Of The Northern Slope Of Tianshan Mountain,Xinjiang Province
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