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1. Construction Of A Light Inducible Expression Vector And Its Application In Transformation Of Dunaliella Bardawil
2. Studies On Taxol Metabolism Regulation In Taxus Chinensis Var. Mairei Cell Cultures
3. Cloning And Sequence Analysis Of The Bovine Immunoglobulin Lambda Light Chain Constant Region
4. Construction Of PCR~(?) 3.1/p16 Plasmid And Its Transgenic Research
5. The Study Of Nuclear Transfer Of Somatic Cell Of Transfer T-PA Foreign Gene In Goat
6. Study On Normalization Of Technology System For Gene Knockout Mice
7. Singlet Oxygen And Small GTPase Ran In Plant Defense Response
8. Deciphering The Histone Code Of Globin Gene Switching And Identification Of Transgene's Integration Site
9. Studies On Introduction Of Genomic DNA Of Thellungiella Halophila Into Lagerstroemia Indica L.
10. The Cloning And Identification Of ω-3 Fatty Acid Desaturase Gene And Production Of Transgenic Mice
11. Adenovrial Vector Mediates High Expression Levels Of Human Lactoferrin In The Milk Of Rabbits And Goats
12. High Level Expression Of Recombinant Protein C And Human Nerve Growth Factor Beta Gene In Mammary Glands Of Rabbits By Adenovirus
13. The Study Of The Enhanced Salt Tolerance In Tobacco By Transgene Pyramiding
14. Functional Mechanism And Application Of TM2 MAR Sequence From Tobacco
15. The Construction And Application Of Transgenic Vectors Expressing HGM-CSF In Silkworm Silk Gland Bioreactor
16. Reaserch Of Protein Interaction Of A Complex With Alternative NAD(P)H Dehydrogenase Activity From Arabidopsis Thaliana Mitochondria
17. Resistance Of Transgenic Silkworm Expressing DsRNA To BmNPV
18. Study On Methods And Mechanism To Augment Gene Expression Mediated By Adenovirus And Adeno-Associated Virus
19. Inheritance And Expression Stability Of Transgene In Transgenic Pigs
20. Expression Analysis On DNA Methyltransferase Genes And DNA Methylation In Pollen Mother Cells
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