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1. Effect Of Drought Stress On The Relationship Of Biodiversity And Ecosystem Funtion
2. Sedimentary Records Of Hypoxia In The Changjiang Estuary Over Last 100 Years
3. Studies On The Community Structure And Ecological Function Of Macrozoobenthos In Lake Nanhu, Wuhan City, China
4. Total Nitrogen In The Holocene Loess-paleosol Sequences And Its Environmental Significance In The Middle Reaches Of The Yellow River
5. Drought-resistance Mechanism Of Several Plants In Minqin And Linze Oasis-desert Ecotone
6. The Research On Regularity Of Vertical Distribution Of Phragmites Australis Biomass, Soil Organic Carbon And Total Nitrogen
7. Element Characteristic Of Soil-plant-beetle And The Interaction In The Desert Area
8. Effect Of Water Level And Soil On Growth And Reproduction Of Phragmites Australis In Reclaimed Wetland Of Chongming Dongtan
9. Remote Sensing Model For Inversion Of Sea Surface Salinity In The Northern Of South China Sea-Hong Kong
10. A High Resolution Climate Record Of Moon Lake In The Middle Part Of Daxing'an Mountan Range In Northeast China During The Last 21ka: From The Evidence Of TOC, TN And δ13Corg
11. The Relationship Between Watershed Landscape Pattern And Total Nitrogen Or Total Phosphorus In Dianchi Lake Sediments
12. The Feeding Ecology Of Snails On Benthic Algae
13. The Organic Geochemical Characteristics Of Total Nitrogen And Amino Acids In Different Salinity Water Of Qinghai, China
14. Effects Of Light, Temperature And Nitrogen On The Growth Of Three Kinds Of Aquatic Plants
15. The Distribution Of Phosphorus Forms And Affecting Factors In Sediments Of The Yellow Sea And East China Sea
16. A Study On Spatial Variability Of Soil Carbon And Nitrogen And Effects Of Environmental Factors On Plant Community Characteristics In Xilin River Basin
17. Response Of Soil Total Nitrogen Content To Environmental Factors And Its Effects On Plant Growth And Physiology At Chongming Dongtan
18. The Characteristics Of Soil C?N And P In Different Landscape After Introducing Legumes Into Abandoned Farmlands In The Semi-arid Of Loess Plateau
19. Changes And Mechanisms In Soil Organic Carbon And Nitrogen Pool Driven By Mixed Broadleaved-Kroean Pine Forest Conversion In Xiao Xingan Mountain
20. Hyperspectral Estimation Analysis Biomass And Total Nitrogen Of Moss Crust
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