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1. Calculation Of Electronic Structures Of Imperfect Crystals
2. Theoretical Calculation Of Marine Transient Electromagnetic Response And Research Of Shallow Sea-floor Detection Technology
3. Statistical Modeling And Theoretical Analysis Of Biology-Related Systems
4. Study On Theoretical Calculation Of Optimum Doping Content In Luminescence Materials
5. Theoretical Calculation Of SLD Output Spectrum And Experimental Verification
6. The Research Of Theoretical Calculation Of Cross Section For Proton-Antiproton Annihilating And Producing Double Neutral Pions Under Renormalized Chain-Loop Propagation Of Nucleon-Antinucleon
7. Measurement And Theoretical Calculation Of Daily Evapotranspiration Of The Wetland Plant-Reeds
8. Theoretical Calculation Of Kα,Kβ Line Transitions For Highly Ionized Ti,Fe And Xe Ions
9. Theoretical Calculation Of Airborne Transient Electromagnetic Field For Loop Source On Layered Earth
10. Research Of Properties Of Doped Lead Tungstate Crystal And Theoretical Calculation Of Density Function
11. Theoretical Calculation Of Photodissociation Of C2F5I
12. Theoretical Calculation Of Neutron Reaction Data For 197 Au
13. Theoretical Calculation On The Transition Energies And Oscillator Strengths For1s2ns-1s2np Of Br32+Ion
14. Theoretical Calculation Of Secondary Porosity Arising From Dissolutions Of Feldspars In Chang 81 Formation Of Maling Oilfield, Ordos Basin
15. The High-temperature And High-pressure X-ray Diffraction And First-principles Theoretical Calculation Of SrMnO3
16. Theoretical Calculation And Application Of Hybrid Bond Energy
17. Raman Spectra Intensity Analysis And Theoretical Calculation In Excited-state Non-radiative Dynamics Of Thio-pyrimidine
18. Theoretical Calculation Of The Decay B0'D0*(2400)-l+vl And B1'(?)(2420)0l+Vl
19. Self And Non-self Consistent Field Method For Theoretical Calculation Of Positron In Solids
20. Positron Theoretical Calculation And Its Application To The Analysis Of The Material Microstructures
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