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1. Population Diversity Of Plant Community In Hexi Mountain Oasis Desert,Gansu,China
2. Study On Computational Methods For Two Typical Classes Of Nonlinear Problems
3. Control Optimization Method Of Piezoelectric Structures And Optimum Design On Structural Buckling
4. Influence Of Liposomes And Micelles On The Stability Of Natural Antioxidants
5. A QR-like Algorithm And A Symplectic Lanczos Algorithm For Hamiltonian Matrix Eigenproblems And The Error Analysis Of Symplectic Lanczos Algorithm
6. Studies Of Structure And Properties For A-C:F:H Films Deposited By Micro-Wave ECRCVD
7. Asymptotic Behavior Of Differentiable Dynamical Systems And Applications In Neural Networks
8. Robustness With Respect To Small Delays For Exponential Stability Of Distributed Parameter Control Systems
9. Study On Desert-Oasis Ecotone Vegetation And Oasis Stability
10. A Study On The Non-Linear Dynamical Fluctuations In High Energy Hadron-Hadron And E~+-e~- Collisions And The Non-Linear Property Inside Jets
11. Studies On The Construction Of The Chimeric Gene "mEGF-Melittin" And The Recombinant Expressions Of Its Relative Genes
12. Stability Studies Of Nonparallel Boundary Layers
13. Nonlinear Dynamics Of Flexible Beams Undergoing A Large Overall Motion
14. Research On Fuzzy Control Of Nonlinear Systems
15. Numerical Analysis Of Non-linear Dynamics And Chaos Control For MDOF Rotor Systems
16. Studies On Some Modern Problems F Nonlinear Dynamics In High-dimensional Complex Rotor Systems
17. Design Of Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal With A Large Complete Band Gap
18. Cadaver-Mimic Cultures Of Homoptera-Pathogenic Fungus Pandora Delphacis Grown On Solid Substrates And Their Biological Features And Functions
19. Modeling And Stability Analysis For The Chemostat Systems
20. Research On The Hydrodynamic Stability Of Fibre Suspensions
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