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1. Habitat Selection And Ecosystem Engineering Effects Of Dominant Burrowing Crabs In Salt Marshes In The Yangtze River Estuary, China
2. Study On Soil Radon Exhalation Rate On The Gas-ground Interface
3. Preliminary Investigations And Studies On Legumes In Highway Slopes In South China
4. Studies On Characteristics Of Degradation Of Vegetation And Soil From Stone-forest Limestone Region In Yunnan Province
5. Effects Of N Application On Biomass And N Use Efficiency In Vitex Negundo Community
6. Effects Of Sandbag Sand Barrier On Traveling Dune’s Vegetation Restoration And Physicochemical Properties Of Soil
7. Study On Distribution Of Grassland Communities And Soil Properties In Dahuchi Wetland, Poyang Lake
8. Study On Vibration Characteristics Of Free Spanning Submarine Pipeline Under The Condition Of Pipe Soil Interaction
9. Spatial Characteristics Of Soil Chemical And Phisical Property Influenced Distribution Of Plant Diversity In Gurbantunggut Desert
10. Effects O F Wind Power Station On Vegetation And Soil Properties
11. Effect Of Various Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi On Plant Growth Characteristics
12. Study On Effects Of Landslide Control Measures In Beichuan County After 5·2 Earthquake
13. Changes Of Plant Community Characteristics At Different Succession Stage And Its Influence On Soil Properties In Abandoned Cropland
14. Study On Vegetation And Soil Properties Of Two Ecological Restoration Mineral Areas In Beijing Mountain Region
15. The Runoff Simulation Of Swat Model In The Shibi Reservoir Watershed Based On The Measured Soil Properties Database
16. "soil Soil Mechanics Network Cai System Design And Implementation,
17. Study On The Relationship Between Plant Diversity And Soil Properties In Mangshan Nature Reserve
18. Vegetation Succession And Its Interactions With Soil Properties In Ecological Reconstruction Of Coal-Gangue Area In Gujiao, China
19. Effects Of Human Disturbance To Plant Diversity And Soil In Malun Grassland
20. Study On Inherent Variability Of Soil Properties Of Under Section Of Gehu Group Located In Suzhou Area
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