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1. Study On Soil Organic Carbon Stocks In National And Regional Scale Using GIS
2. Isotope Tracing Of Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics In The Grassland
3. Evolution Characteristics Of Soil Organic Carbon-Structure-Water Enviroment Under Vegetation Restoration On The Ziwuling Maountain,Loess Plateau
4. Effects Of Temperature And Soil Water Content Changes To Seed Germination And Soil Organic Matter Decomposition In Northern Slope Of Qilian Mountains
5. Simulation Of Climate Change Impact On Grassland Ecosystem In Inner Mongolia
6. The Research On Regularity Of Vertical Distribution Of Phragmites Australis Biomass, Soil Organic Carbon And Total Nitrogen
7. Study On Community Structure And Soil Carbon Sequestration In The Forest Of Miaodao Archipelago
8. The Relationship Between Distribution Of Alternanthera Philoxeroides And Environmental Factors In Main Inflowing Rivers Of Nansi Lake
9. Study On NPP, R_h And SOC Of Northern Grassland Ecosystems Responding To Climate Change
10. Spatial Distribution Of Soil Carbon Density And Estimation Of Carbon Storage In The Grassland Of East Alxa Plateau
11. Characteristics Of Soil Carbon Fixation Under Artificial And Natural Vegetation Restoration In The Loess Plateau And Its Influencing Mechanism
12. Occurrence Of Organic Carbon In Alpine Soil And The Significance In Climate And Vegetation Change In Southern Area Of Three Rivers
13. Aspect-community Complex Effects On Soil Biochemical Characteristics And Decomposability Of Soil Organic Carbon And Nitrogen On Eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
14. Ecological Processes Of Above- And Below-ground During Grassland Natural Restoration In Semi-arid Region
15. Relationship Between Soil Carbon And Plant Communities In The Yellow River Delta
16. Effect Of Alder (Alnus Sibirica) Expansion On Soil Organic Carbon In A Peatland Of The Da Xing’an Mountain
17. A Study On Spatial Variability Of Soil Carbon And Nitrogen And Effects Of Environmental Factors On Plant Community Characteristics In Xilin River Basin
18. The Characteristics Of Soil C?N And P In Different Landscape After Introducing Legumes Into Abandoned Farmlands In The Semi-arid Of Loess Plateau
19. Study On Ecological Stoichiometry Characteristics Of Soil Organic Carbon, Nitrogen And Phosphorus In Tianlaochi Catchment Of Qilian Mountains
20. Study On Soil Organic Carbon And Soil Microbes In Moso Bamboo Forests In Southern Sichuan
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