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1. A Study On The Moisture Content Migration And Charactreristics Of Frost Heaving Of Saline Soil In The Western Of Jilin Province
2. Characteristics Of Soil Seed Bank And Diversity Of Plant Community On The Shore Of Dongting Lake Under Different Water Conditions
3. The Research About The Turnover Patterns And Moisture Adaptations Mechanism Of Major Species On The South-North-facing Slope Gradient
4. Inter-specific Association And The Response To The Soil Factors Of Several Main Herbs In Chongming Dongtan Wetland Park
5. Study On Morphological Characteristics Of Reaumuria Soongorica And The Adaptation Of Its Antioxidant Enzymes To Arid Saline Soil
6. Soil Water And Salt Transport Experimental Study And Mathematical Modeling
7. Neutron Moderator Method To Measure The Mixing Of Soil Moisture Content
8. The Study On Retrieving Soil Moisture Content Of Eco-Water Parameters By Remote Sensing
9. A Study Of The Vadose Zone Water Movement’s Law Under The Influence Of Vegetation
10. The Quantatative Research About Surface Evaporation And Hydrological Processes In Karst Mountains Regions
11. Research On The Influences Of Frozen Soil Water Retention Properties On Soil Moisture Conservation In Cold Regions
12. Mechanical Properties Of 5 Plant Roots And The Response To Soil Moisture
13. Study On Distribution Characteristics Of Soil Water Content In Xilingol Grassland
14. Analysis Of Soil Respiration And Its Influence Under Different Firewood Management Methods After Forest Fire
15. Study On The Drought Condition Based On The Comprehensive Drought Monitoring Index And Remote Sensing Evaporation In The Area Of MAO Wusu Sandy Land
16. Quatitative Estimation Of Shallow Groundwater Level Using SVM In Oasis-desert Ecotone Of Ugan-kuqa Region
17. Response Of Fluorescence Kinetic Parameters Of Several Psammophytes To Soil Moisture Change
18. Root Drought Adaptation Characteristics Of Haloxylon Persicum That A Edificators In Gurbantunggut Desert
19. Effects Of Precipitation Variations On Soil Moisture And Water Use Efficiency Of Grassland Communities In The Loess Hilly Region
20. Improvement And Numerical Simulation Of Soil Coupling Model In Common Land Model
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