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1. Study On The Special Properties Of Strength Of Solidified Saline Soil In Inshore
2. A Study On The Moisture Content Migration And Charactreristics Of Frost Heaving Of Saline Soil In The Western Of Jilin Province
3. The Application Study On Extraction Of Saline Soil Information In The Arid Region Using Satellite SAR Images
4. The Characteristics Of Population, Community And Clonal Growth Of Tamarix Elongata Ledeb.
5. Experiment Research On The Destroyed Mechanism Of The Saline Soil In The Great Wall In Shandan County
6. Isolation, Identification And Back Inoculation Of Endophytic Moderately Halophilic Bacteria Of Halophyte Suaeda Salsa L. In Seaside Saline Soil Of Dongying, China
7. Origin And Distribution Characteristics Of Saline Soil In China
8. Taxonomy And Molecular Phylogeny Of Ciliates From Different Types Of Soil
9. Research On The Migration And Transformation Of Water-Heat-Material And Frost Heaving Characteristics Of Saline Soil In The Western Of Jilin Province
10. Study On Engineering Property And Unfrozen Water Content Prediction Of Saline Soil In Nong’an
11. The Predominant Bacterium Group Analysis Of Saline Soil And The Polyphasic Taxonomy Study Of Strains Q1U~T、Q1R~T And BZ1~T
12. Research On Salt Excretion And Salinity Adaptability Of Reaumuria Soongorica In Saline Soil
13. Study On Morphological Characteristics Of Reaumuria Soongorica And The Adaptation Of Its Antioxidant Enzymes To Arid Saline Soil
14. Frost Heaving Characteristic And PFC-3D Numerical Analysis Of Saline Soil In Western Jilin Province
15. Experimental Research On The Saline Soil Water-salt Transport And Structure Evolution In Zhenlai Zone
16. Diversity Of Halotolerant And Halophilic Bacteria Isolated From Non-saline Soil Collected From Dehang Canyon In Hunan, China
17. A Study On The Effects Of Saline Irrgation And Saline Soil On The Growth Process Of Three Plant Populations
18. Estimate Of Saline-alkali Region Grassland Npp In West Of Jilin And Spatial-temporal Characteristics Research
19. Salt-tolerant Water Efficient Carbon-fixing Microalgae Breeding
20. Soil Water And Salt Dynamics Under Mulched Drip Irrigation In An Oasis Cotton Field:Model Development And Application
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