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1. Electrophysiological Study Of Hyperexcitable Neurons In Injured Dorsal Root Ganglion
2. Sensitivity Of Non-periodic Activity in Neurons
3. Study Of One-dimensional Integrable Many-body System On Ruijsenaars-Schneider Model
4. Biological Characters And Mechanisms Of Aluminum Toxicity In The Root Tips And Border Cells Of Barley
5. Study For Recursive Algorithms In Information Processing And Fusion
6. Study On Nonlinear Dynamic Responsiveness Of Primary Sensory Neuron And Cold Receptor
7. The Effect Of Noise On The Excitability Of Rat Injured Dorsal Root Ganglia Neurons
8. Studies On The Nitrogen Fixation And Structure Of Legume-rhzibium Symbioty Grown On The Loess Plateaus, Shaanxi And Gansu
9. Part One. A Role Of Arabidopsis Inositol Polyphosphate Kinase, AtIPK2α, In Pollen Germination And Root Growth Part Two. Molecular Genetic Study Of Zygote Activation In Arabidopsis
10. The Forming Of Transfer Cells Induced By Rhizobia In Root Of Some Legume Species And The Primary Study On Its Mechanism
11. Ecological Adaptation Of Some Dominant Plants In Otindag Sandland
12. Distribution And Function Of Kinesin-13A And Ankyrin-like Protein AtANK1 In Plant Cells
13. Slow Wave Oscillation-induced And Oscillation-triggered By Veratridine In Rat Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons
14. Effects Of SO2 Derivatives And Lead On Ion Channel Currents In Acutely Isolated Rat Neurons
15. Modulation Of Nociception-induced Plasticity By NO-mediated Signal Pathways In The Spinal Cord
16. Study On Image Monitoring And Analysing System Of Plant Root
17. Mechanisms Of Brassinosteroid Promotion On Tropisms And Root Development Through Regulating Polar Auxin Transport In Dicotyledonous Plants
18. Modulation Of Vesicles Cycle By Calcium And Protein Kinase A In Soma Of Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons
19. Imprimitive Complex Reflection Groups
20. The Strategies Of Social Behaviors In Root Voles (Microtus Oeconomus) And Its Fitness
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