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1. The Spherical Wavelet Expansion Of The Earth's Gravity Field And Its Application
2. Continuous Wavelet Transform And Its Applications
3. Molecular Organic Geochemistry Approach For Reconstruction Of The Paleoenvironment, Nansha Area, South China Sea Since The Last 30 Ka Years
4. Application Of VR-GIS Technology In Geotechnical Engineering
5. The Problem Of Geometric Continuity In NURBS Surfaces Reconstruction
6. The High Miller Index Surface Of Metals And Semiconductors: Surface Energy And Electronic Structure
7. Study On The Methods And Platform Of Image Processing For Cellular Biomechanical Experiments
8. Study On The Application Of Aero-Optics
9. Studies On Laser Interferometric Imaging
10. Research On High-Resolution Image Reconstruction And Spatial Characteristics Of Astronomical Images
11. Paleoclimatic Evolution And Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction Of Lanzhou Area In The Past 30 Ka
12. The Study Of Digital Holography And Its Application In Particle Field
13. Study On Chaos Theory's Application In Runoff Forecast
14. Investigation Into The Three-Dimensional Structure Of Periplaneta Fuliginosa Densovirus
15. 3D Extraction And Reconstruction Of Manmade Objects Based On Stereo Image Pair
16. Large-Scale Climate Change And Drought In The Northern Of China
17. The Characters And Directional Reconstruction Techniques Of Lower Water-conserving And Flood-controlling Function Of Vegetation Community In Changjiang River Three-Gorge Reservoir Basin
18. Researches On Some Problems Of Frames
19. Research On Hempel's Theory Of Scientific Explanation
20. Study On Rational Element Method
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