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Keyword [posttranscriptional regulation]
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1. Functional Elucidation Of RNA Binding Protein QKI In The Process Of Myeloid Haematopoiesis
2. Screening And Identification Of Small Non-coding RNAs In H.Pylori And The Negative Regulatory Role Of MiRNAs In The Inflammatory Response During H.Pylori Infection
3. Molecular Cloning And Expression Analysis Of MiR397 Target Gene LeLACmiR397 In Tomato
4. Transcriptional And Posttranscriptional Regulation Of GABAergic D Motor Neurons In Caenorhabditis Elegans
5. Posttranscriptional Regulation Of Bmo-miR-305* On BmSGF-1 And BmFMBP-1
6. Rbm24 Controls Poly(A) Tail Length And Translation Efficiency Of Crystallin MRNAs In The Lens Via Cytoplasmic Polyadenylation
7. Molecular Mechanism Of How Sucrose Transporters Regulate Phloem Loading In Response To Environmental Cues
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