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1. Kinetics Of Natureal Gas Hydrate Formation/Dissolution And Bacteria Processes In The Gas Seeping System In Marine Environment
2. Investigation On Gashydrate In Permafrost Using Remote Sensing Technique
3. Engineering Geological Research On The Permafrost In High Latitudes Area And Its Impact On Pipeline Construction
4. A Study On Simulation Of The Permafrost Distribution In Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based On RS/GIS
5. Study On State Of Subgrade Engineering In Permafrost Region During Operation Period Of Qinghai-Tibet Railway
6. Experimental Research On Physiscal Mechanical Properties And Numerical Analysis On Temperature Field Of Permafrost Of China-Russia Oil Pipeline
7. In Permafrost Regions Of Slope Stability Study
8. Relationship Between Tectonic, Sedimentation Characteristics And Distribution Of Gas Hydrate In Muli Coalfield Of Qilian Mountain, China
9. The Study Of Gas Hydrate's Exploitation By Depressurization In Permafrost
10. The Permafrost Boundary Evolution History From The Penultimate Glacial In China
11. Mud System Research Of Gas Hydrate Drilling In Plateau Permafrost
12. Numerical Solution And Application Of Heat Transfer Model With Phase Change
13. Research On The Thermal Character Of Undisturbed Permafrost Sample
14. Study Of The Microbial Metabolic Activities By The Microcalorimetric Method
15. Study On The Subgrade Diseases In Permafrost Of Qinghai-Tibet
16. Runoff Process In A Typical Small Permafrost Watershed At The Headwaters Of Yangtze River
17. Water And Heat Process Of Alpine And Swamp Meadow In Permafrost Zones And Response To The Global Warming In The Source Region Of Yangtze River
18. Hydrologic Cycle On The Typical Permafrost By Using Environmental Isotope In The Headwaters Of The Yangtze River
19. Applications Of Permafrost Distribution Models On The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
20. A Preliminary Study On The Thermoluminescence Characteristics Of Sediment And Drill Core From The Scientific Drilling Project Of Gas Hydrate In Qilian Mountain Permafrost
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