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1. Sediment Dynamic Processes And Evolution Of Small Tidal Inlet Systems
2. Study On Soil Organic Carbon Stocks In National And Regional Scale Using GIS
3. Isotope Tracing Of Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics In The Grassland
4. Sulfur Cycle In Sediments Of The Chinese Marginal Seas During Early Diagenesis
5. Distribution, Source Of Organic Carbon And Carbon-nitrogen-phosphors Interaction In Changjiang River Estuary And Jiaozhou Bay Waters
6. Phytolith Research As An Indicator Of Paleo-climate In The Late-Holoncene Peat Deposits Of Northeast China
7. Climatic Environment Change Over 9 KaBP: Evidence From Jiangling Area, Jianghan Plain, China
8. The Spatial Change Character Of δ~(13)C Of Total Organic Matter And δ~(13)C, δD Of Long-chain N-alkanes Of The Surface Soils Across East China And Their Paleoenvironmental Significance
9. Environmental Responses Of Total Organic Carbon, Acid Volatile Sulfide And Heavy Metals In Licun Estuarine Sediments, Jiaozhou Bay
10. Variability In Beam Attenuation And The Suspended Particles In The West Philippine Sea
11. Characteristics Of Photoautotrophy, Mixotrophy And Heterotrophy Of Phaeodactylum Tricornutum
12. Organic Carbon Isotope Evidence For Late Ediacaran-early Cambrian Ocean Stratification In South China
13. Total Organic Carbon And Nitrogen From Metalliferous Sediment On The Flank Of The East Pacific Rise 13°N
14. Study On Summer And Winter Living Coccolithophores And Calcification Rates In The Coastal China Seas
15. Sedimentary Records Of Changing Structures Of Phytoplankton Communities For The Last Hundred Years In The Changjiang Estuary
16. High-resolution Paleoceanographic Records On The Bifurcation Of The North Equatorial Current In The Northwestern Pacific Since 37ka BP
17. Sedimentary Records Of Hypoxia In The Changjiang Estuary Over Last 100 Years
18. A Study On Palaeoenvironmental Changes Recorded By Organic Geochemistry Proxies Of Loess In The Western Loess Plateau Since The Last-glacial
19. Evolution Characteristics Of Soil Organic Carbon-Structure-Water Enviroment Under Vegetation Restoration On The Ziwuling Maountain,Loess Plateau
20. Cultivation And Photosynthesis Of Transgenic Synechococcus Sp. PCC7002 With HTNF-α Gene
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