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1. Dynamics Of Picoplankton In The East And South China Seas And Some Preliminary In Situ Experiments On Nutrient Enrichment Effects
2. In-situ Experimental Studies On Nutrient Limitation And Microzooplankton Grazing Impact On Phytoplankton In Typical Areas Of China Seas
3. Adaptive Strategies Of Clonal Plants Growing In Heterogeneous Environments
4. Effect Of Nutrient Characteristics On HAB In The Typical Coastal Waters In China And The Methods Of HAB Mitigation
5. Structure And Function Of Microorganisms In Xizi Lake, Hangzhou
6. Studies On The Nutrient Ecology Of Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes), An Exotic Invasive Species
7. Ecological Strategies Of The Clonal Plant Potentilla Reptans L Var. Sericophylla
8. Plant N:P Stoichiometry: Variations Of Chinese Higher Plants And A Preliminary Test By Field Experimentation
9. Nutrient Use Efficiency Of Main Plants In An Agro-pastoral Ecotone Of Northern China
10. Effects Of Dams On The Biogeochemical Cycles Of Nutrients In The Wujiang River
11. A Modeling Study Of The Phytoplankton Dynamic In The Bohai Sea
12. Study On The Structure And Species Diversity Of Different Moso Bamboo Communities
13. Research On Limiting Effect Of Nutrients To Phytoplankton Growth And Simultaneous Carbon Cycling
14. Studies On Genetic Diversity Of An Endangered Species, Sinopodophyllum Hexandrum (Royle) Ying
15. Responses Of Rhizomatous Clonal Plants To Foliage Clipping In The Otindag Sandland, China
16. Biogeochemistry Of Biogenic Elements In The Intertidal Flat And Adjacent Seawater Within The Changjiang (Yangtze River) Estuary
17. Study On Vegetation Character And Nutrient Elements Dynamics Of Marsh Wetland In North Of Xiaoxing'an Mountain
18. Effects Of Aquatic Macrophytes On Nutrient Cycling In Shallow Freshwater Lake Ecosystems
19. Phenology, Leaf Structure And Function, And Seasonal Variation In Photosynthesis Of Woody Plants In A Dry-Hot Valley Of Yuanjiang, Southwestern China
20. Study On Aquatic Macrophyte Vegetations And Their Environment Effects In Taihu Lake
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