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1. The Study On Metallogeny And Localizing Forecast Of Yulong Porphyry Copper-Molybdenum Mineralization, Xizang (Tibet)
2. The Contrast Of Geological Feature And Genesis Between Xiejiagou Gold Deposit And Jiaojia Gold Deposit In Jiaodong Area
3. Geological Features, Mineralization Model And Prospecting Areas Of Tonglushan Cu-Fe-Au Deposit, Southeast Hubei
4. Mineralization Model And Survey & Evaluation Of Early Proterozoic Mg-borate Deposits In East Liaoning
5. Accumulation Of Cesium By Microorganisms And Role Of Microorganisms In The Formation Of Cesium-Bearing Geyserite In Geothermal Areas, Tibet
6. Study On The Metallogenesis And Models In Mesozoic Epithermal Gold Deposits In Yanbian, Jilin Province
7. Study On The Metallogenic Mechanism Of Changpo-Tongkeng Tin-polymetallic Deposit, Dachang, Guangxi
8. Ganzi - Litang Gold Mineralization With The Metallogenic Model And Development Model
9. Di Qingchun Are Porphyry Copper Deposit Geochemistry And Petrogenesis And Mineralization Model Study
10. Influences Of Salt Rocks To Produce Hydrocarbon, North Central Of Ordos Basin
11. Strata-bound Scheelite Deposit Geology Geochemistry And Genesis, Malipo, Yunnan Province
12. Geology And Geochemistry Of Zhaokalong Iron-copper Polymetallic Deposit In Yushu, Qinghai
13. Geological Characteristics And Metallogenic Regularity Of Nihe Iron Deposit In Lujiang, Anhui Province
14. Study Of Metallogenic Regularity And Mineralization Model Of Kalamaili Mineralization Belt In East Junggar
15. The Relationship Between Magmatic Rocks And Mineralization Of The Dawan Porphyry Mo Deposit In The North Of Taihang Moutain
16. The Preliminary Study Of Paleozoic Intermediate-acid Magmatism And Cu-Au Metallogenic Regularity In The Northern Of West Junggar
17. Characteristics And Evolution Of Ore-forming Fluids And Mineralization Model For Yaogangxian And Xitian Quartz Vein Type Tungsten Deposit, Hunan
18. The Characteristics Of Granite Prophyry And Mineralization Controlled By Structure Of Hutouya Orefield, Qimantage Belt, Qinghai Province
19. Hunan Province The Hengnan Sanjiaotan Wolframite Ore Genesis And Metallogenic Prediction
20. Mineralization Model For The Dapingzhang Cu Poly-metallic Deposits In Simao Basin
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