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1. Metal-binding Peptides: Displaying And Screening On Microorganism, And Its Application In Bioadsorption
2. Mechanism Of Microorganism Inactivation By Atmospheric Plasma
3. Research On Simulating And Control Techniques For Deep-sea High-temperature And High-pressure Extreme Environment
4. Detection Methods Of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus And Hepatitis A Virus And Bacterial Diversity Analysis In Sediments Along The Coasts
5. Studies On Transport Process Of Oil Reservoir Microorganism In Porous Medium
6. Applications Of Impulsive Differential Equations In Microorganism Cultures And Population Controls
7. Accumulation Of Cesium By Microorganisms And Role Of Microorganisms In The Formation Of Cesium-Bearing Geyserite In Geothermal Areas, Tibet
8. Studies On The Bioactive Compounds Of Cyclopeptides From Microbes Of East China Sea
9. Biosorption Behavior And Mechanism Of ~(241)Am By Microorganisms
10. Study On The Growth And Transport Of The Bacterium Geobacillus Sp. In Simulated Reservoir Conditions
11. The Studies On Biochemistry Systems And Crop Protection With Impulsive Effects
12. Stable And Permanent Properties Of Solutions Of Impulsive And Nonautonomous Mathematical Biological Models
13. The Effect Of Florfenicol On Biogeochemical Cycling Of Biotic Material In Coastal Marine Sediment
14. Study On Xylanase Process Produced By Microorganism And Plants
15. Study Of The Microorganism Fermentation And Stage-structured Population Models
16. Structural Characteristics Of Microbial Exopolysaccharides And Their Antioxidant Activities
17. Community Structure Analysis And Polyphasic Taxonomy Of Bacteria From Saline Environments
18. The New Star Of Staurosporine From Jiaozhou Bay Marine Actinomycetes Found Seven New Structure Compounds
19. Diversity And Distribution Of Microorganism In Changjiang Estuarv And Adiacent Areas
20. Study On The Possibility For Classification Of Hemiptera Insects By Using Esterase Isoenzymes,Digestive Enzymes And The Internal Microorganism
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