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1. Molecular Mechanism Involved In Gene Regulation Of Leaf Curvature
2. 1,Identification Of The RNA Chaperone Activity Of Human Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha In Vitro 2,Study On The Role Of Argonaute Protein In MiRNA Processs
3. Identification Of Plant MiRNA Based On SVM And Clonging Of Wheat MiRNA
4. Negative Regulation Of β-catenin Signal Pathway By Pancreas Duodenum Homeobox-1
5. The Functional Analysis Of OsKCC Gene And The Functional Analysis Of Small RNAs In Thellungiella Halophila
6. Analysis Of Erythroid Differentiation-associated Genes And Primary Study On MiRNA/miRNA Cluster That Function In Hematopoiesis
7. Identification And Functional Characterization Of Rice OsMPEC Gene And Stress-regulated MicroRNAs In Arabidopsis Thaliana
8. Study On Systems Biology Methods Of MiRNA Target Prediction
9. Research On Bidning Site Prediction And Regulatory Function Analysis Of Mirna And Transcription Factor
10. Screening Of UVB-related MicroRNAs And Preliminary Functional Analysis
11. The Role Of MiRNA-224 In The Regulation Of Mouse Follicular Development
12. Analyses And Functional Studies Of Differentially Expressed MiRNAs Between Mouse Spermatogonia And Spermatocytes
13. Bioinformatics Prediction Of Genes And Their Functional Elements
14. Non-coding Rna Clone Analysis Of Their Functions Is A Preliminary Study
15. MiRNA-101 And MiRNA-122 Function
16. Syti Molecular Characterization Analysis And Mirna Regulation Of Silk Protein
17. Regulation Of Testis-specific MiRNA-469 By GRTH/DDX25 Controls Male Germ Cells Development
18. Ligands Conjugated Cationic Polymers As Non-viral Gene Vector
19. Relationship Of Gene Silencing Effects And The Structure And Targeting Sites Of Intronic Spliced Artificial MiRNAs
20. Bioinformatics Algorithms And Application For MicroRNA Deep-sequencing Data Analysis
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