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1. DNA Methylation And Growth Transition Of Non-Heading Chinese Cabbage(Brassica Campastris L.Ssp.Chinensis Makino)
2. Induction Of DNA Methylation And Gene Silencing By Short Hairpin RNAs In 14-3-3σ
3. Research On Gene Chip For Methylation Detection Of 5'CpG Islands
4. Study Of Synthetic Oligodeoxynucleotides Acid By Liquid Chromatography-mass Spectrometry
5. Identification And Functional Analysis Of Methyltransferases In Mammals
6. The Mechanism Of Maintenance Of DNA Methylation Patterns During Base Excision Repair
7. Effect On Telomerase Activity By 5'Regulatory Sequence Methylation Profile And SiRNA
8. Molecular Characterization And Expression Pattern Of Dnmt2 Gene And DNA Methylation Detection In Crustacean
9. The Molecular Mechanism Of Arginine Methyltransferse SKB1 Controlling Flowering Time In Arabidopsis
10. The Function Of Viral Suppressor P1/HC-Pro And P25 In Agrobacterium-mediated Transient Assay
11. A Novel High Throughput Quantitative Method For DNA Methylation Based On Methylation-specific Primers And SAGE
12. Inheritance And Variation Of DNA Methylation Level And Pattern In Leaf And Endosperm Of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L.)
13. HDAC Inhibitor Depsipeptide Activates Silenced Genes Through Decreasing Both CpG And H3K9 Methylation On The Promoter
14. Genetic And Epigenetic Alterations In Long Terminal Repeat Retrotransposons Of Rice Caused By Introgerssion From Zizania Latifolia Griseb
15. Studies On Epigenetic Modification Of Cloned Bovine Embryos
16. Function Research Of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Highly Expressed Gene MN6A1
17. Epigenetic Reprogramming Of Histone Modifications In Bovine IVF And Cloned Embryos Development
18. Effects Of 5-AZA-2'-Deoxycytidine (5-AZA-CdR) On The Development Of Preimplantation Mouse Embryos
19. Study On The Technology And Mechanism Producing Mice Derived From Embryonic Germ Cells Aggregated With Tetraploid Embryos
20. Heavy Metal Stress Induced Inheritable Alterations Of Epigenetic Which May Contribute To Plant Enhanced Resistance To Heavy Metal Damage In Rice
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