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1. The Heterogeneous Of Soil And Sediment Organic Matter From Pearl River Delta
2. Dissolved Organic Matter In Natural Aquatic Environments And Its Complexation With Metal Ions: A Study Based On Fluorescence Spectroscopy
3. The Experiment Simulation About The Role Of The Humic Acid In The Process Of The Uranium Deposits
4. 3-D Visualization And Properties Of Several Molecular Structural Models Of Humic And Fulvic Acids
5. Sorption Behaviors Of Phosphate On Kaoline, Humic Acid And Marine Sediment
6. Research On The Adsorption Of Lignite Humic Acid Onto Natural Iron, Titanium And Silica Oxide Ores
7. The Preparation And Performance Research Of New-type Humic Acid Scale And Corrosion Inhibitor
8. Characterization Study Of Adsorption And Self-assembly Based On Photonic Crystal
9. Mechanism And Model Investigation Of Natural Colloid And Fe Co-transportation In Groundwater Under Managed Aquifer Recharge Condition
10. Study On The Stable Carbon From Microbial Secondary Metabolites
11. Research On Migration And Transformation Of Humic Acid In Porous Media Of Groundwater Based On Three-dimensional Fluorescence Technology
12. Synthesis Of Boron Absorbing Agent And Its Application In Seawater Desalination
13. Effect Of Compound Soil Conditioner On Saline-alkali Soil Improvement In Hetao Irrigation District,Inner Mongolia
14. Study On The Soil Column Of Modified Saline-alkali Soil With Desulfurization Gypsum And Humic Acid
15. Preliminary Study On The Intrinsic Mechanism Of Soil Component Influencing The Natural Transformation Of Bacillus Subtilis
16. Effects Of Humic Acid On Toxicity Of Graphene-Family Materials To Alage
17. Study On Chemical Composition And Structure Of Extracts From Plants At Different Evolutionary Stages And Humic Substances Of Different Sources
18. Study On The Compatibility Effects Of Humic Acids And Soil Conditioners On Soil PH And Nutrient Availability
19. Effect Of Biochar And Organic Materials On DOM And Anaerobic Iron Reduction In Paddy Soils
20. Preparation And Adsorption Properties Of Uranium On Graphene Oxide Composite Material
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