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1. Study On Roles Of Phospholipace C-γ1andγ2 In The Platelet-derived Growth Factor Signal Transduction In Mouse Fibroblast Cell
2. The Applied Basic Research On The Technology Of Human Epidermal Growth Factor
3. Study On A Structure-function Model Of Plant Growth And Its Calibration
4. Study On Growth And N-type Doping Of Cubic Boron Nitride Thin Films By RF Sputter
5. Study On MWECR CVD Deposition Technique And Growth And Properties Of BN Films
6. DNA Methylation And Growth Transition Of Non-Heading Chinese Cabbage(Brassica Campastris L.Ssp.Chinensis Makino)
7. Inhibitory Regulation Of Hypoxia-induced Growth By Vasonatrin Peptide In Cardiac Myocytes, Fibroblasts And Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
8. The Growth Of High Quality ZnO Thin Films At Low Temperature By PECVD & Study Of Its Properties
9. The Investigation On Physiology Functional Characteristics Of Bifidobacterium And Its Applications In Foods
10. Human Epidermal Growth Factor Gene Cloning And Genetic Transformation In Plant Mediated By Agribacterium Tumefaciens
11. Adaptive Strategies Of Clonal Plants Growing In Heterogeneous Environments
12. Distribution Of Clonal Plants And Relation Of Their Importance To Environment Factors And Species Diversity
13. Studies On The Construction Of The Chimeric Gene "mEGF-Melittin" And The Recombinant Expressions Of Its Relative Genes
14. The Mechanisms Of Growth And Elemental Enrichment Of Co-rich Crusts From Pacific Seamounts
15. Secretory Phospholipase A2 And Ceramide-induced Programmed Cell Death And Related Signaling Pathways
16. Synthesis Of The Low-dimensional Nanostructured Materials
17. Construction, Expression And Characterization Of The Fusion Protein DAB389-(GLy4Ser)2-EGF And Its Specific Cytotoxic Activity
18. Biodiversity Of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi In Some Areas Of North China And Their Effect On Plant Growth
19. Cloning Expression And Functional Study Of AXUD1 Protein Up-regulated By AXIN1 In Wnt Signal Transduction Passway
20. Cloning And Expression Studies Of FSH/LH And GH/GHR From Giant Panda And Other Endangered Animals
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