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1. Study On Fracture And Damage Behavior Of Frozen Soil
2. Experimental Research On Affecting Factors And Classification Of Frozen Soil Drillability
3. A Study On Simulation Of The Permafrost Distribution In Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based On RS/GIS
4. The Research On The Hydrological Cycle Based On The Synergistic Effect Of Vegetation And Frozen Soil In The Source Region Of Yangtze And Yellow River
5. Research On The Dispersion Mechanism Of The Dispersive Seasonal Frozen Soil In The Western Of Jilin Province
6. The Numerical Simulation Of Stress Intensity Factor In Fracture Mechanics Of Frozen Soil
7. Study On The Penetration Of Frozen Soil And Stone By Shaped Charge
8. Simulated Study On The Characteristics Of Land Surface Process Over The Cold Region
9. Research On Frozen Soil Water Migration Based On Neural Network Technique
10. Study Of Observation Platform Of Frozen Soil Acoustoelectric Effect Based On Virtual Instruments
11. Experimental Study Of Frozen Soil Model With A Simulative Frost-thawing Interface
12. Characteristics Of Spatial And Temporal Variation Of Frozen Soil In China And Their Association With The East Asian Climate
13. The Studying Of Artificial Frozen Soil's Thaw Settlement Character And Forecasting Model
14. Mud System Research Of Gas Hydrate Drilling In Plateau Permafrost
15. Numerical Research On The Coupled Mechanism Of The Moisture-heat-stress Fields In Freezing Soil
16. Tank Model With Migration Of Seasonal Frozen Soil In The Original Area Of Yellow River
17. Electroseismic Effect Of In Experiment And Applications Studies Of Frozen Soil Dynamics Properties
18. Experimental Study Of Seismoelectric Effect With A Frost-thawing Interface
19. Study On Elastic-plastic Damage Constitutive Model Of Frozen Soil Based On Energy Dissipation Theory
20. The Variability Of Frozen-soil Parameters And Its Applying In Slope Reliability Analysis
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