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2. Hydrocarbon Formation Mechanism In The Earth's Interior
3. Formation Mechanism, Reservoir Evaluation And Accumulation Of Deep Viscous Oil
4. Natural Gas Reservoir Formation Mechanism Of Ordovician And Its Relation With Tectonic Evolution In Ordos Basin
5. The Formation Mechanism And Quantitative Evaluating On The Low Resistivity Oil Bed Of The Southern Songliao Basin
6. Research On Fracture Formation Mechanism And Forecasting In Volcanic Rock Of Song Liao Basin
7. Subtropical Mode Water And Its Formation Mechanism In The North Pacific
8. Formation Mechanism And Control Measures Of The Pebbly Clay Landslide
9. Study On Gas Hydrate Phase Equilibrium Condition And Simulation Experiment And Testing Technology
10. The Study Of Spatial-Temporal Characteristics And Formation Mechanism Of Kuroshio Deformation At Luzon Strait
11. The Sequence Stratigraphy And Petroleum Geology In Chezhen Depression
12. Coalbed Gas Reservoir Formation Mechanism In Dongpu Depression
13. Formation Mechanism And Control Measures Of The Landslides In The Basalt Platform Region Of Zhejiang
14. Geo-macromolecular Structure Of Organic Matter In Immature Source Rocks And The Mechanism Of Immature Petroleum Formation
15. Accumulation History And Formation Mechanism Of Petroleum Pools In Wenchang A Sag, Western Pearl River Mouth Basin
16. The Studies On The Formation Mechanism Of Heavy Rainfall Occurred In Huabei Areas In China
17. The Forming, Characteristics Of Flowing Path Of Under Ground Water And Exploration Technology
18. Method For The Forecasting Of Regional Rainstorm-induced Debris Flow
19. Study On The Formation Mechanism And Exploration Target Of Jurassic Subtle Gas Reservoir In Western Sichuan Basin
20. Geoburried-hills Reservoir Characteristics And Forming-mechanism In Chexi Area
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