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1. Proteomic Analysis Of Cellular Responses To Low Concentration Alkylating Agent
2. The Roles Of HSP90 In Cellular Stress Adaptation And Primary Screening For Stress Protective Proteins
3. Studies On The Transcription Regulation Of Erythroid Genes
4. Investigation And Application Of Two-dimensional Gel Electrophoresis Technique (2-DE) In Proteomic Research
5. Isolation Of Salt Tolerance Related Protein In Rhizophora Apiculata BL. And MALDI-TOF MS Identification
6. The Design, Synthesis, Biological Activity Assay Of β-(1'3)-D-Oligoglucoside Derivatives, And The Construction Of Oligosaccharide Microarray
7. Optimization Of Proteomic Platform Of Silkworm Eggs And Comparative Proteomics Between Sexual And Parthenogenetical Reproduction Of Silkworm
8. Analyses Of Several Bacteria And Their Metabolites By Capillary Electrophoresis
9. The Mechanisms Of Ethanol-mediated Early Developmental Toxicity In Zebrafish
10. Study On The Depletion Of High Abundance Proteins And Methods Of Separation And Quantification Using Multi-dimensional Liquid Chromatography For Proteomics Research
11. Development Of Microfluidic Chip Methodologies And Platforms For N-linked Glycosylation Analysis
12. Research On The Fluorescence Detecting Technology In Microfluidic Channel
13. Differentially Expressed Proteome Under Cold Stress In Arabidopsis Thaliana
14. Plasma HDL Subclasses And Their Distribution Characteristics
15. Cloning And Analysis Of The Senescence-associated Genes From Plants
16. Studies On Nicotine Metabolic Pathway As Well As Molecular Biology In Pseudomonas Sp. HF-1
17. Studies On Silk Gland, Hemolymph, Fatbody Of Silkworm (Bombyx Mori) Using Two-dimensional Electrophoresis And Mass Spectrometry
18. Catalytic Activity Study And Proteomic Research On Pseudomonas Stutzeri SDM
19. Investigation Of Mechanism Of DNA Or Organism Damage Induced By High LET Radiation And Corresponding Radioprotection
20. Screening, Thermal Adaptation Of Marine Thermophiles And Characterization Of A Thermal-stable Lipase
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