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1. The Electrical Conductivity Of Iron Under Shock Compression Up To Megabar Pressures And Its Implication In Geophysics
2. Studies On Electrical Properties Of Minerals And Rocks Under Defined Thermodynamic Conditions
3. Research On Theory And Application Of Detecting The Thickness Of Ice Layer Based On Distinct Conductivity Of Air, Ice And Water
4. In-Situ Measurement Of Electrical Conductivity In Diamond Anvil Cell
5. Experimental Study On Electrical Conductivities Of Upper Mantle Minerals And Rocks Under High Temperature, High Pressure, And Different Oxygen Fugacity Conditions
6. Physical Properties Of (Mg, Fe) SiO3 And Al2O3 At High Temperatures And High Pressures
7. Study On Some Inverse Problems In Oil Geophysical Prospecting
8. Experimental Study On The Electrical Conductivity Of Mantle Minerals At High Temperatures And High Pressures
9. The Propagation Of Sound In The Mixture Matter Of Bubbles And Liquids And Ultrasonic Cavitation
10. Study Of The Ground Water Tracing And Its Application In Karst Area
11. The Wiedemann-Franz Law In D-Density-Wave Conductors
12. Prediction Of Orebody In Yinmusi Lead Zinc Mine Of Fengxian Shaanxi
13. Study On The Electric Characteristics Of Lightning Discharge Plasmas
14. Application Of Geomagnetic Observatory Data For Studying Electrical Conductivity Structure In North China
15. Study On Electrical Conductivity Of Lithium Niobate
16. Transmission Theoretical Simulation And Experiment Research Of ZnO/Cu (Ag, Al)/ZnO Multilayers
17. The Design And Application Of Regularization Computational Methods For Ill-posed Problems
18. The Transport Property Of Lightning Discharge Plasma
19. Research On Electrical Conductivity Of Lithium Niobate Under Laser Exciting
20. A Study Of On-line PH And Electrical Conductivity Measurement System In Seawater Desalination
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