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1. Screening, Cloning And Function Analysis Of Drought-tolerant Mutants Lew2 And Abo1 In Arabidopsis
2. Gene Expression Profiles Of AtOSR Family And The Evidence For Involvement Of AtOSR2 In Arabidopsis Responses To Drought And Osmotic Stresses
3. Variations In The Law Of Allometric Scaling For Plant Stands Across A Moisture Gradient
4. Ecophysiological Responses To Drought Stress And Manganese Toxicity In Different Populations Of Section Tacamahaca Spach
5. Physiological Function Of Nitric Oxide In The Suspension Cultures From Two Ecotypes Of Reed (Phragmites Communis Trin.) Under Drought Stress
6. Effect Of Drought Stress On The Relationship Of Biodiversity And Ecosystem Funtion
7. Studies On Physiological And Ecological Characteristics Of Larrea Tridentata To Drought Stress
8. Studies On The Role Of Photorespiration And The Antioxidative Metabolism During Drought Stress In Desert Plant Reaumuria Soongorica
9. Studies On The Ecology Adaptation Of Flos Lonicerae In The Karst Environment
10. Studies On The Role Of Osmotic Adjustment Under Drought And Salt Stress In Desert Plant Reaumuria Soongorica
11. Ecophysiological Differences In Adaptive Mechanisms Between Diploid Hybrid Species And Its Parental Species
12. Research On Five Kinds Of Chenopodiaceae Plants In The Arid Environment And Its Structure Mechanism Of Stress Adaptitions
13. Functional Analysis Of Poly(ADP-ribose) Glycohydrolase Gene PARG1 In Regulation Of Defense And Stress Responses In Arabidopsis Thaliana
14. Studies On Physiological Mechanisms In Response To Low Temperature And Drought In Regenerated Seedlings Of Chorispora Bungeana
15. Studies On The Functions Of Chloroplast Lon4 Protease In Arabidopsis Thaliana
16. Functional Analysis Of AT14A In Arabidopsis Response To PEG Simulated Drought Stress
17. Roles Of Osmolytes, Polyamines And Aquaporins In Adaptation Of Vetivers Grass (Vetiveria Zizanioides) To Salt And Drought Stresses
18. Study Of Drought-Responsive Proteins And Metabolites In Bermudagrass
19. Study On Ecological Adaptation Of Saxicolous Mosses To Drought Environment Of The Karst Rock Desertification In Guizhou
20. Studies On The Physiological And Biochemical Responses And Adaptable Mechanism Of P.cornutum And P.dolabratum Seedlings Under Drought Stress
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