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1. Effect Of Rotational And Continuous Grazing System On Vegetation And Liveweight In Stipa Breviflora Desert Steppe
2. Comparison Study On The Response Of Plant Population To Different Grazing Systems In Stipa Breviflora Desert Steppe
3. The Study Of The Application Of MODIS Data For Monitoring Desert Steppe Biomass
4. Climate Change During The Past 50 Years And Its Impact On The Production Ability In Inner Mongolia Grassland
5. Vegetation Analysis And Mapping Of Stipa Breviflora Desert Steppe In Ordos Plateau, Inner Mongolia
6. Studies On The Pattern Of Earth Surface Wind Erosion And Aeolian And Environmental Effects In The Desert Steppe
7. Species Diversity And Ecological Adaptablity Of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Of Legume Plant In Saibei Desert Steppe
8. Molecular Phylogeographic Study Of Stipa Breviflora
9. Ecological Stoichiometry And Plant Community Diversity Of Different Plant Communities In Desert Steppe Of Ningxia
10. Study On Temporal And Spatial Variation Of Soil Seed Bank About Semi Fixed Sand Under Different Micro-landform In Desert Steppe
11. Effect On Nutrient Use And Characteristics Of Stoichiometric Of Stipa Breviflora Under Nitrogen And Water Addition
12. The Responses Of The Plant Community Characteristics And CO2 Flux To Water And Nitrogen In Stipa Breviflora Steppe
13. Effects Of Stoichiometry Of Enclosing Life On Plant,Soil And Microorganism In Desert Steppe
14. Dynamics Of Desert Steppe Surface Albedo In Inner Mongolia And Its Effects On Land-atmosphere Fluxes
15. Desert Steppe Vegetation Ecology And Environmental Changes In Kumtag Desert
16. The Characters Of "Fertile Island" And Carbon Sequestration Of Shrub Reaumuria Soongorica In The Desert
17. Observation And Simulation Of Transient Land Surface Process Over Desert-steppe Transitional Zone In The Arid Areas
18. Thermal And Dynamical Parameterization Over A Typical Temperate Desert Steppe
19. Study On Soil Physical And Chemical Properties And Vegetation Growth Status At Different Geomorphological Positions Of The Hilly In Desert Steppe
20. Stoichiometric Characteristics Of Desert Steppe In Inner Mongolia
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