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1. Population Diversity Of Plant Community In Hexi Mountain Oasis Desert,Gansu,China
2. Preliminary Study On The Population & Community Characteristics Of Picea Schrenkiana Var. Tianschanica And Its Geographic Variation
3. The Study On The Response Of Foliar δ13 C Of Different Life Form Plants To Altitude In Subalpine Area Of Western Sichuan, China
4. Ecoanatomical Study On Kobresia Willd. Of Eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
5. Studies On Biodiversity And The Flora Of The Seed Plants From Baishuihe Nature Reserve In Pengzhou
6. The Study On The Altitudinal Gradient Pattern Of Plant Community Characteristics In South Slope Of Daiyun Mountain
7. Changes Of Leaf Traits Of Betula Ermanii, A Timberline Tree Species, Along Altitudinal Gradient In Changbai Mountain
8. Altitudinal Patterns Of Plant Diversity On Niubeiliang Nature Reserve, Qinling Mountains
9. Sedge Stomatal Responses To Altitudinal Gradient At High Elevations
10. The Response Strategy Of Leaf Functional Traits And Water Use Efficiency To Altitudinal Gradient In Yuanmou Dry-hot Valley
11. Spatio-temperal Response Of NDVI In A Large Basin With High-altitude In Tibet, China
12. Flora Of Vascular Plants And The Composition Characteristics & Distribution Features Of Endemic Plants In Hainan
13. Plant Community Diversity And Spatial Differential Rules Of Erman's Birch Forest On The North Slope Of Changbai Mountain
14. The Altitudinal Responses Of The Leaf Traits Of Four Conifer Species In Temperate China
15. Leaf Traits And Relationships Variation In Two Quercus Species Along An Altitudinal Gradient In Qinling Mountain
16. The Characteristic And Diversity Of Herbaceous Plants In Riparian Zone Of Taizi River In Liaoning
17. Landscape Genetic Structure Of Astragalus Strictus Along Altitude Gradients In Tibet
18. Temporal-Spatial Variation In NDVI And Its Response To Climate In West Henan Mountain
19. The Altitudinal Gradient Pattern Analysis Of Plant Diversity In Wuyi Mountain
20. Study On The Adaptive Mechanism Of Halenia Elliptica In The Different Altitudinal Gradient
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