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1. Three Essays On Exploring Classical Nonautonomous Systems And Econophyisical Systems
2. NMR Based Study Of The Aggregate Property Of Zwitterionic Detergent CHAPS And Its Interaction With Triton X-100
3. Aggregate Homotopy Methods For Min-Max-Min Programming With Applications In Data Mining
4. Continuous Approaches To 0-1 Programming Problems With Applications
5. Research On Light Scattering Property Of Aggregate Spheres
6. Study On Production And Developmental Characteristics Of Mouse Diploid-tetraploid Aggregates
7. Research On Transmission Property Of Randomly Clustered Aggregate Particles
8. Secondary Porosity Confirmation By Logging Data
9. Studies On The Risk Model With Interest
10. An Aggregate Homotopy Interior Point Method For Nonconvex Constrained Min-Max Problems
11. The Studies Of The Third Order Nonlinear Properties On Novel Cyanine Chromophores And Their Self-aggregated Thin Films
12. A Solution For A Kind Of Linear System Of Strict Inequalities
13. Aggregate Homotopy Methods For Solving A Kind Of Constrained Sequential Max-Min Problems
14. Research On The Thermal Character Of Undisturbed Permafrost Sample
15. Analysis And Control Of Diffusion Limited Aggregate Growth
16. Study On Properties Of Aggregated Spheres
17. Applications Of The DDA Method In Light Scattering By Particles
18. Remaining Oil Comprehensive Evaluation And Tapping Potential Method Of Xing 12 Block In Daqing Oil Field
19. Optimal Expression Of Recombinant Lipase
20. Research On The Geographic Information Services Aggregation Based On Compensate Service Chain
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