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1. The Research On The Interrelationship Between The Vegetation And Water Resource In Ulan Buh Desert
2. Study On Photosynthetic, Water Consumption Characteristics And Drought Resistance Of Sevarel Shrubs In Kubuqi Desert
3. The Characteristics Of Growth And Carbon Sequestration And Water Consumption In The Small Watershed Of Xiangshuihe, Liupan Mountains
4. The Main Energy And Water Consumption' Response To The Global Climate Change In The City--The Case Of Dalian
5. Change Of Water Consumption And Its Relationships To Economy And Climate In The Cities Of China
6. Study On Water-Consumption Characteristics And Drought-Resistancemechanism Of Four Native Gramineous Grass In Loess Plateau
7. Study On Water-Consumption Characteristics And Drought-Resistance Mechanism Of Four Artermisia Species In Loess Plateau
8. Recent Studies Of Water Consumption Of Hotan River Basin
9. Photosynthetic Transpiration And Water Consumption Regularity Of Typical Desert Plants In Manas River Valley
10. Analysis Of Water Consumption Data Function Based On Principal Component Analysis Method
11. The Coupling Of Water Source And Consumption Based On The Hydrogen And Oxygen Stable Isotope Of Natural Salix Gordejevii In Otinday Sandland
12. Photosynthetic, Water Consumption Characteristics Of Salix Gordejevii And Caragana Microphylla In The Dune-meadow Ecosystem Of Horqin Sandy Land
13. Improvement And Application Of GM(1,1) Forecasting Model In Urban Water Consumption
14. Typical Lawn In Plant Photosynthesis Transpiration And Water Ecological Characteristics Of The Study
15. Study On Water-consumption Characteristics And Drought-resistance Mechanism Of Three Dominant Species To Soil Water Stress In Loess Plateau
16. Study On The Diageneses Of The Clastic Reservoirs From The Jurassic Shaximiao Formation In The Western Sichuan Area
17. Effect Of Different Irrigation Amount On Growth And Water Consumption Characteristics Of Sabina Vulgaris And Other Species
18. Relationship Between Eco-hydrological Indices And Groundwater In The Erdos Plateau
19. Spatiotemporal Variability Of Groundwater Level And Response Of Irrigation Water In Typical Area Of Well Irrigation
20. Plant Water Consumption And Its Response To Groundwater Table Drop In Arid Area
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