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1. Study On The Genetic Diversity Among Loropetalum Chinense Var.rubrum Introductions And Changes Of Physiology And Biochemistry During Its Leafcolour Transformation
2. Studies On The Secretory Structures And Their Relation To The Content Of Hypericin In Hypericum L.
3. Studies On Oogenesis And Spermatheca Of Oedaleus Infernals Suassure
4. Studies On The Photoreceptor And The G-protein Of The Photoreceptor In The Two Kinds Of Crustacean
5. Studies On The Nitrogen Fixation And Structure Of Legume-rhzibium Symbioty Grown On The Loess Plateaus, Shaanxi And Gansu
6. Micro-ultrastructure Studies On Phaneroplasmodia And Nuclear Matrix Of Myxomycetes
7. The Biology Of The Seasonal Reproduction Of Chinese Skinks (Eumeces Chinensis)
8. The Ultrastructure Of Visual Cells, Visual Pathways, And FMRI Studies Of Visual And Somatosensory Stimulation-related Cortical Activation
9. Studies On Pollen Structure And Evolution Of Chinese Boraginaceae
10. Study On The Adversity Acclimation Of Antarctic Ice Microalga Chlamydomonas Sp.L4 And Its Anti-Adversity Proteomics
11. Roles Of The Ubiquitin/proteasome Pathway In Picea Wilsonii Pollen Germination And Tube Growth
12. Comparative Studies On The Cellular Ultrastructure Of Three Hypotrichous Ciliates Groups
13. Studies On The Responses Of Desert Algae To Ultraviolet Radiation And The Algal Crust Formation Under Field Conditions
14. Studies On Ecophysiological Characteristics Of Desiccation-tolerant Mechanism In Desert Resurrection Plant Reaumuria Soongorica
15. Classification And Systematics Of The Stachyuraceae
16. Responses Of Sexual Reproduction Pattern And Leaf Traits Of Arabidopsis Thaliana To Elevated CO2
17. The Studies On Dynamic Relationship Between HeLa Nucleolar RDNA Transcription, Pre-rRNA Processing And The Ultrastructure
18. Study On Ecophysiological Characteristics Of Reaumuria Soongorica And Caragana Korshinskii During Dehydration And Rehydration
19. Mechanisms Of In Vitro Maturation Of Oocytes
20. Dynamic Changes Of Nucleolar Ultrastructure And The Sites Of RRNA Transcription And Processing During The Cell Cycle In Allium Sativum
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