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1. Research On The Interwell Radiotracer Test
2. Gas Tracer Interpretation Theory And Application Technology In Miscible Hydrocarbon-Gas Flooding
3. Mineralizing Mechanism And Continental Geodynamics Of Typical Pegmatite Deposits In Western Sichuan, China
4. Distribution Of Chlorofluorocarbon And Its Tracer Study Of Water Masses In The Arctic Ocean, Bering Sea And The Southern South China Sea
5. Numerical Simulations Of The Extreme Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height Over Northwest China And Their Impacts On Chemical Tracer Transportations
6. Brewer, Dobson, Circulation And Its Transport Of Stratospheric Trace Gases
7. A Study Of Stratosphere Troposphere Exchange And Tracer Transport
8. Research On Isotope Tracer Of Karst Water In Maoba Syncline Of Yuanliangshan Tunnel
9. Study On Soil Erosion And Land-use Optimization In Miyun Reservoir Surrounding By Using GIS-~(137) Cs Technique
10. The Typochemical Characteristic Of Mineral In The Late Pleistocene--Holocene Sediments Of The Southern Outer Shelf, East China Sea, And Their Significance To Trace Sedimentary Provenance Research
11. Development Of Sequential Self-Calibration Method To Integrate Tracer Test Data For Refinement Of Geostatistical Hydraulic Conductivity Fields
12. Hydrologic Modeling Of Karst Spring Using Storm Water Management Model
13. Distribution And Translocation Of Rare Earth Elements In Horseradish
14. The Method Of Isotope Contamination Homing Calculation And Its Application
15. Chaos Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm For Estimating Solute Transport Parameters In Streams From Tracer Experiment Data
16. Study On Selection And Determination Technique Of Oil-field Tracer
17. Water Injection Profile Logging And Interpretation Technology About Low Injection Water Wells Of Jilin Oilfield
18. Hydrologic Modeling Of Karst Subterranean River Using Storm Water Management Model
19. The Research Of Microscopic Pore Structure And Waterflood Development Feature In NiuJuanHu Oil Field
20. In Vivo Two Photon Excited Fluorescence (TPEF) Detection Of Intracellular Microspheres For Cell Tracer Studies In The Cornea
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