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1. Research Of Salt Tolerance And Soil Characteristics
2. The Research On Sea Water Invasion And Soil Salinization
3. Study On The Land Use/land Cover Change And Soil Salinization In Arid Oasis
4. Study On Water-salt Balance Of Ground Water In Yinchuan Plain And Soil Salinization Control
5. Study On Groundwater Dynamics In Yellow River Delta Area And Its Relationship With Soil Salinization
6. Wada Subproject Area Of ​​water And Salt Balance
7. Dynamic Variation Of Groundwater And Soil Salinization In The Yellow River Diversion Area Of Shangqiu And Its Optimization Of Underground Water Monitoring Network
8. Analysis Of Groundwater Characteristics In Cold Area Of ​​Yakutsk Region, Russia
9. Analysis And Numerical Simulation Research Of Water And Salt Migration In Reclamation Area
10. Study On Ecological Utilization Of Underground Saline Water In Coastal Saline-alkali Region
11. Study On Spatiotemporal Evolution And Regulation Of Soil Salinization In Hetao Irrigation District,Inner Mongolia,China Using Remote Sensing And CLUE-S Model
12. Quantitative Monitoring On Soil Salinization Utilizing Optical Remote Sensing In Different Regions Of Xin-Jiang,China
13. Salinization Monitoring And Reclamation Strategy Analysis In Desert Soils Using Remote Sensing
14. Investigation Of Soil Salinization Status Of Hongqi Farm And Study On Salt Removal Effect Of Buried Pipe With Different Buried Depth
15. Extraction Of Soil Salinization Information In Yutian Oasis Based On Polarized Decomposition Information Of PALSAR Data
16. Study On Spectral Characteristics Of Salinized Soil Based On Controlled Experiment
17. Scale Effect Analysis Of Soil Salinization Modeling Based On Remote Sensing
18. Characterization Of Soil Salinization In Typical Estuarine Area Of The Jiaozhou Bay And Study Of Soil Salt Leaching In Aquaculture Ponds
19. Dynamic Monitoring And Risk Assessment Of Soil Salinization In Manasi River Basin,Xinjiang
20. Study On Remote Sensing Monitoring Of Soil Salinization Based On Spectral Information
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