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1. Geochemical Studies On Asphaltenes And Their Possible Applications In Petroleum Exploration And Production
2. The Study On Protoplasts Fusion Between Saururus Chinensis And Houttuynia Cordata
3. Genetic Transformation Of Strawberry With LEA3 Gene
4. Isolation And Expression Analysis Of Auxin And Cytokinin-response Genes In Hyacinthus Orientalis In Vitro Floral-organ Regeneration System
5. Regeneration And Microarray Examination Of Functional Genomic Expression Of Transgenic Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) For Low-content Lignin
6. Study On Biological Character And Micro-Reproduction Technology On Zelkova Schneideriana Hand. Mazz
7. The Production Of Transgenic Sheep Embryos Transfected With Green Fluorescence Protein And Augmenter Of Liver Regeneration Genes
8. Regeneration Of Quercus Aliena Var. Acuteserrata Population And Biodiversity Conservation Strategy In Shennongjia Area
9. Studies On Mechanisms Of Species Coexistence In A Quercus Liaotungensis Forest In Northern China
10. Differentiation And Maintenance Of Vegetation Patterns Along The Topographical Gradients In Mid-subtropical Hilly And Lower Mountainous Area In East China
11. Study On The Construction Of Heterotrophic And High-Containing EPA/DHA Microalgae By Cell Fusion Technique
12. The Study On Small Structure And Remaining-oil In Complex Fracturing Oilfield
13. Propagules And Regeneration Of Karst Semi-Humid Evergreen Broad-Leaved Forest In Central Yunnan
14. Protective Effect Of Recombinant Human Hepassocin On Experimental Hepatic Injury In Rat
15. The Study Of Histology Of Organ Regeneration And Regeneration-related Gene Of Apostichopus Japonicus (Selenka)
16. A Study On The Vegetation Ecology Of Subalpine Timberline Ecotone
17. Cloning, Analyzing And Expression Of Pax-6 Gene From Tadpole Of Bufo Raddei Strauch In Lens Regeneration
18. SCIRR69 Functions As A Mediator Of Transcription Regulation Of BDNF
19. Subcellular Proteomic Analysis Of Rat Liver Mitochondrial Proteins During Liver Regeneration
20. Apoptosis Response And Related Regulation Mechanism During Rat Liver Regeneration
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