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1. Sedimentary Geology Of Cretaceous In Southern Tibet, And The Upper Cretaceous Oceanic Redbeds
2. Uplift Of The North Of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau And Record In Basins And Geomorphy
3. Elemental Geochemistry Of Carbonate Cement From Core TS95 And Environmental Evolution Of Lake Tianshuihai Since 135ka B.P.
4. The Tectonics Activity & Engineering Hazard Effects In The Northeast Margin Of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
5. A Study On Ecology And Environment Process Of Cenozoic Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Hinterland
6. Genesis Study On Cenozoic High Mg~# Potassic Volcanic Rocks In Qiangtang, Northern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
7. The Impacts Of Land Cover Change On Regional Climate Over Sanjiangyuan Region In Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
8. Quantitative Studies On Major Active Fault Zones In Northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
9. Genetic Diversity Of Plants Of Genus Kobresia In The East Of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
10. Effects Of UV-B Radiation On Six Annual Species On Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
11. Research On Phylogeographic Structure And Hybridization Of Alectoris Partridge In China
12. Seed Germination And Dormancy In An Alpine Meadow On The Eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
13. Characteristics Of Crustal Motion And Deformation From GPS Monitoring In The Eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau And Adjacent Areas
14. Accumulation Of Cesium By Microorganisms And Role Of Microorganisms In The Formation Of Cesium-Bearing Geyserite In Geothermal Areas, Tibet
15. The Formation Age Of Altyn Tagh Fault Zone And The Contribution Of Its Strike-Slipping To The Uplifting Of North Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
16. The Distributive Characteristics Of The Lithospheric Stresses And Their Geological Meanings Of The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
17. Late Neogene Geology And Environment Evolution At Zoig(?) Basin Of Northeast Margin Of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
18. The Geologic Interpretation Research Of Double-magnetism Anomaly And Negative Magnetism Anomaly Zone In Qing-Tibet Plateau
19. A Study On Simulation Of The Permafrost Distribution In Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based On RS/GIS
20. Phenotypic Plasticity Of Seedlings Of Ten Plants Of Saussurea DC. Of East Of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Under Different Light And Nutrient Conditions
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