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1. Numerical Simulation And Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis Of Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flow
2. Some Progresses On Organic Geochemistry Study Of Bohai, The Yellow Sea, The East China Sea And Large Estuaries
3. Distribution, Source Of Organic Carbon And Carbon-nitrogen-phosphors Interaction In Changjiang River Estuary And Jiaozhou Bay Waters
4. A Preliminary Study Of Influences Of Dust Events In Northern China On The Regional Environments
5. The Study Of The Characters Of Superfine Tourmaline Trend To Nano-Particulate And Its Application Significances
6. Modeling Of Interfacial Debonding And Characterization Of Thermo-mechanical Fatigue In Particle Reinforced Composites
7. Variability In Beam Attenuation And The Suspended Particles In The West Philippine Sea
8. Biogeochemistry Of Settling Particles In The South China Sea And Its Significance For Paleo-environment Studies
9. A Study On Variations Of Concentrations Of Particulate Matter With Different Sizes In Lanzhou And Influence Of Dust Events On Them
10. Genomic Studies Of Deep-Sea Sedimentary Bacteria And Filamentous Fungus
11. Study On Summer And Winter Living Coccolithophores And Calcification Rates In The Coastal China Seas
12. Sedimentary Environment Evolution In Representative Kelp (Laminaria Japonica)-cultured Region (Harny Bay) And Inner Hydrodynamic Mechanism
13. Study On Transport And Export Processes Of Marine Particles In The Southern Ocean And South China Sea Using Isotope Tracers
14. Particulate Matter Flow And Static Number Of Issues
15. The Physicochemical Characteristics Of Atmospheric Particulate Matters In The Area Of Changjiang River Delta And Its Implications For Distant Source Material Identification
16. Study On Model Of Dry Particulate Contacts By Distinct Element Method & Visual Programming On PC
17. Temporal And Spatial Distribution Of Organic Carbon And Its Influence Aspects In Huanghe Estuary
18. Temporal And Spatial Distribution Of Inorganic Carbon And Its Influence Aspects In Huanghe Estuary
19. Studies On Biogeochemistry Of Phosphorus In The Coastal Waters Of China
20. Distribution Of Particulate And Dissolved N-Alkanes In The Changjiang And Its Adjacent Sea
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