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1. Study Of The Paleoceanography Evolution In The Okinawa Trough Since The Last 40000 Years
2. Study On Mechanism Of Salinity Tolerance In Annual Salt-born BB52 (Glycine Soja L.) Seedlings
3. Studies On The Mechanism Of Dopaminergic Cell Death Induced By Oxidative Stress
4. Oxygen Isotope Exchange Kinetics Between Coexistent Minerals And Water In Some Granite Plutons Of The Altay Mountains
5. Study And Synthesis Of Novel Fluorescence Ca~(2+) Probe In Bioscience
6. Characteristics Of Palaeoceanographical And Palaeoenvironmental Evolution Since The Late Pleistocene In The Okinawa Trough
7. Research Of Polarization Control In High Power Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser Resonator And High Reflection Phase Retardance Mirror
8. The Distribution Of Elements,Carbon And Oxygen Isotopes On Marine Strata And Environmental Correlation Between They And Hydrocarbon Source Rocks Formation—An Example From Ordovician Basin,China
9. The Influences Of Human Placental Ribonuclease Inhibitor Mutants On Their Biological Activities
10. Studies On The Structure And Function Of Extrinsic 33 KDa Protein Of Photosystem Ⅱ
11. Structure And Function In Photosystem II And Involvement Of Chloroplasts In Plant Apoptosis
12. Carbon And Nitrogen Isotope Geochemistry Of Karst Groundwater In City
13. Factors Affecting Developmental Competence Of Porcine Cloned Embryos By Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
14. Involvement Of Plasma-membrane NADPH Oxidase In ABA- And Nickel-induced Accumulation Of Reactive Oxygen Species In Plants
15. The Influence And Mechanism Of Neuron Mitothondrial Electron Transport Chain Complex Inhibition On Persistent And Transient Sodium Currents
16. The Distribution And Environmental Significance Of Redox Sensitive Elements In The Hypoxia Zone Of The Changjiang Estuary And Its Contiguous Area
17. Study On The Enzyme-like Catalytic Mechanism Of Hemoglobin And Its Interaction With Active Nitrogen And Oxygen Species
18. Studies On The Photoassembly Of Water-oxidizing Complex Of Photosystem Ⅱ
19. Non-enzymatic Fast Repair Of DNA Oxidative Damage May Exist In Cells
20. The Influencing Of Monsoonal Climate On Scleractinian Coral Calcification And Isotopic Compositions Of Northern Part Of South China Sea
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