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1. Studies On The Mechanism Of Dopaminergic Cell Death Induced By Oxidative Stress
2. Mechanisms Of Phospholipase C-γ1 Survival Signaling In Oxidative Stress
3. Isolation, Expression And Function Analysis Of Stress-related Genes In Plants
4. Functions Of NAD(H) Kinases In Arabidopsis Thaliana Under Abiotic Stress
5. Regulation Of Ca~(2+) Release Of Ryanodine Receptor In Situ In Rat Ventricular Myocytes
6. Regulation Of Superoxide Dismutase Induction In Garlic Cells & Expression Of Recombinant Trypsin Inhibitor Gene From Wild Rice
7. The Regulation Of Hepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor C-met Expression In Kidney
8. Response Of Bacillus Sp. F26 To Reactive Oxygen Species Stress Characterized By Catalase Synthesis
9. Nitric Oxide Protect Maize Seedlings Against Iron Deficiency Stress
10. Studies On Nicotine Metabolic Pathway As Well As Molecular Biology In Pseudomonas Sp. HF-1
11. Functional Analysis Of A Novel Family Of Protein Kinases
12. Studies On Physiological Function Of Arabidopsis Vtc1 Mutant Under UV-B Radiation
13. Molecular Genetics Analysis Of CEO2 Gene Function In Arabidopsis Thaliana
14. Functional Interaction Between HAX-1 And C-Abl Non-receptor Tyrosine Kinase
15. Regulation Of Ionic And Reactive Oxygen Species Homeostasis In Seedlings Of Two Mangrove And The Relevance To Salinity
16. Cloning And Functional Analysis Of LetAPX In Tomato Under Environmental Stress
17. Study Of The Regulating Mechanism Of Abscisic Acid And Antioxidative System On Aluminum Tolerance In Soybean (Glycine Max L.)
18. Key Proteins Of Oxidative Stress And Addiction Potential Induced With Tramadol By Proteomics And Related Analytical Technologies In Zebrafish Brain
19. The Evolutionary Origin Of Translocons On The Inner Envelope Of Chloroplasts & The Cloning Of A Nuclear Encoded Chloroplast Gene DPC1 And Its Functional Analysis In Oxidative Stress Tolerance
20. Polyphosphate Kinase Affects Oxidative Stress Response By Modulating CAMP Receptor Protein And RpoS Expression In Salmonella Typhimurium
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