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1. Mechanisms Of Alkali Tolerance In Chloris Virgata And Rice (Oryza Sativa)
2. Role Of Cell Wall For Aluminum Resistance And Toxicity Mechanisms In Plants
3. Role Of Nitric Oxide And Root Exudates In Aluminum Toxicity And Resistance In Plants
4. Bacteria Strain Screening For Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery And Study On Its Effectiveness In Oil Displacement
5. Study On Reservoir Geology Of Coal-formed Gas In Pre-tertiary In Gubei Deeply Buried Hill
6. Preparations Of Chitosan Organic Acid Salts And Researches On Their Antibacterial Activities
7. Diagenetic Evolution Modeling And Reservoir Secondary Pore Predicting In Qijia Oil Field
8. Study On The Construction Of Engineering Acidiothiobacillus Thiooxidans And Its Metabolism Of Organic Compounds
9. The Responses Of Organic Acid Metabolism, Photosynthesis And Chlorophyll Fluorescence In An Alkali-tolerant Halophyte Chloris Virgata Under Alkali Stress And Salt Stress
10. Molecular Mechanism Of Phosphate Solubilization To Phosphate Deficient Stress In Penicillium Oxalicum BK
11. Research Of The Effect On Hydrophytes Growth Under Oxygen Stress
12. Effect Of Indole Acetic Acid On Pentanoic Acid Exudation By Plants With Different Arsenic-accumulation Ability Under Arsenic Stress
13. Physiological Responses Of Leymus Chinensis- Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiont To The Interaction Of Nitrogen Deposition And Salt-alkali Stress
14. Effect Of Salinity-induced Organic Acid Metabolism On Cd Accumulation In Edible Amaranth Cultivars
15. Adsorption Mechanisms Of Ciprofloxacin Onto Iron (Hydro-) Oxides
16. Screening, Identification Of Bacterial Strains With Potentiality In Ethanol Detoxification Based On 16S RDNA, Optimization Of Culture Medium And Its Growth Characteristic Study
17. The Regulation Of Organic Acids And Inhibitors To The Growth, Physiology And Root Exudates Of Rape (Brassica Napus L.) Under Aluminum Stress
18. Physiological Mechanism Of Salt-Alkaline Tolerance In Kochia Sieversiana
19. Effects Of Different Factors On Assimilation Of Different Forms Of Nitrogen And Production Of Arginine By Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungus
20. Involvement Of Trichoderma Asperellum Strain T6in Regulating Iron Acquisition In Plants
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