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1. Seasonal Structure And Variation Of The Circulation In The Southern South China Sea
2. Study Of Interaction Between Antarctic Circumpolar Current And Antarctic Coastal Current In The Indian Section Of The Southern Ocean
3. Study On The Population Ecology Of The Dey Euphausiid Species In The Waters Off China Coast And In The Southern Ocean
4. Characteristics Of Air-Sea Exchange Of CO2 In The Arctic And Antarctic Regions As Well As Their Relative Oceanography
5. The Improvement Of Zebiak-Cane Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model And The Simulation And Diagnosis Of 1997/1998 El Nino Event
6. Thermoluminescence And Paleoclimatic Change Of Sedimentary Cores In The Northeast Indian Ocean
7. Seasonal-to-Interannual Variability Of Latent And Sensible Heat Fluxes In The Tropical Atlantic Ocean
8. Numerical Investigation Of The Effect Of Wave Breaking On Ocean Surface Mixed Layer
9. The Development And Applications Of A 2-D Numerical Wave Tank And The Study Of Wave-Current Interaction
10. Study On Collision Damages, Reliability And Fatigue Life Assessment Of Offshore Platform Structures
11. Study On The Heat Budget And Meridional Circulation In The Tropical Indian Ocean
12. Molecular Ecology Study Of Microorganisms In The Pacific Ocean "Warm Pool" Deep Sea Sediments
13. Reliability-Based Combination Of Stochastic Load And Design Of Offshore Structures
14. A Simulation On Sea Ice Climate Variability In Arctic Ocean
15. Research On The Biology And Ecology Of Several Pelagic Sharks In The Eastern Pacific Ocean
16. Numerical Similation Of The China Adjacent Sea Circulation And Its Seasonal Variation
17. Geochemistry Of Sediments In The Western Arctic Ocean And Implications Of Spatial And Temporal Changes Of Sedimentary Environments
18. The Intraseasonal Long Rossby Wave In The Subtropical Ocean And Its Effect To The Kuroshio In The East China Sea
19. Stochastic Simulation Technique Of Multivariate Distribution And Its Application In Ocean Engineering
20. Ocean-atmosphere Interaction In The Climate Process--Small Scale Air-sea Flux And Large Scale Tropical Ocean-atmosphere Interaction
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