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1. Observational Analysis And Numerical Simulation Of The Decadal Change In Late Spring Climate Over East China In The Last Four Decades
2. The Holocene Paleoclimate And Paleoceanography In The Northern North Atlantic
3. Characteristics Of Heterotrophic Bacterioplankton Community In Typical Bays Of North Atlantic Ocean
4. Relationship Between AO/NAO And ENSO And Their Impact On Climate Anomalies In China
5. East Asian Summer Monsoon Interdecadal Change Research
6. North Atlantic Long-period Decadal Oscillation (amo), The Impact On The Climate Of The Asian Monsoon Region - Observations And Multi-mode Simulation
7. Anomalies Of The Northeast China Floods Season Precipitation And The Relations With SSTA
8. Correlation Between Indian Ocean Summer Monsoon And Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition From Mono-species Plant Cellulose In The Holocene
9. The Teleconnection Of Sea Surface Temperature In North Atlantic And North Pacific And Its Relation With China Winter Temperature/Summer Precipitation
10. Biogenic Opal Abundance In Pelagic Sediments Determined By Mean Of We-alkaline Process And It Paleooceanography Application
11. Climatic Characteristics Of The North Hemisphere Blockings In Wintertime And The Relationship With North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO)
12. Some Statistical Properties Of The Mid-latitude Ocean-atmosphere Interaction In The North Pacific And The North Atlantic
13. Research On Millennial Scale Climate Change Period Recorded In North Atlantic Deep-sea Sediments In Early Pleistocene
14. The Numerical Simulation Study Of Atmospheric Response To Reemergence Of North Atlantic Ocean Variability In Gulf Stream
15. Study On The Variability Of NAO And Polar Vortex
16. Research On Millennial-scale Climate Change In North Atlantic During Early Pleistocene Based On Period Analysis
17. Research On Paleoenvironment Inferred From Early Pleistocene Planktonic Foraminifera In North Atlantic
18. Diagnostic Analysis On The Formation Of The Abnormal NAM/AO Index During The Winters Of 2007-2008 And 2009-2010
19. Statistical Models For Predicting Summer Rainfall And Its Extremes In China
20. Influence Of The Winter North Atlantic Oscillation On Spring Climate In China
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