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1. Screening And Identification Of Small Non-coding RNAs In H.Pylori And The Negative Regulatory Role Of MiRNAs In The Inflammatory Response During H.Pylori Infection
2. The Research Of Prediction Method Of Protein Structural Class Based On Linear Predictive Coding Of PSI-BLAST Profiles
3. Functional Studies Of Arabidopsis Nucleotide Transferase NTPs In RdDM Pathway
4. Identification And Transgenic Application Of Long Non-coding RNAs In Silk Gland Of Silkworm Bombyx Mori
5. Gene Expression Regulation Of Two Long Non-Coding RNAs During Myoblast Differentiation
6. Identify Orthologs Of Human Long Non-coding RNAs In Mammal And Construct The LncRNA Database LongMan
7. Two Non-coding RNAs CrcZ And CrcY Modulate The Carbon Catabolite Repression In Nitrogen-fixing Pseudomonas Stutzeri
8. High-throughput Screening And Annotation Platform Building Of Lncrnas Related To Mouse Brain Development
9. Noncoding RNA Identification Based On Topology Secondary Structure And Reading Frame In Organelle Genome Level
10. Cross-Omics And Integrative Analysis Of The Gene Regulatory Network During Erythroid And Megakaryocytic Differentiation Of K562 Cells
11. Prediction Of PiRNAs Based On Relative Composition Of K-mer Strings
12. Analysis On Transcriptome Of Cultivated And Wild Tomato Based On RNA-Seq Technology
13. The Identification And Functional Analysis Of Long Non-coding RNAs In Mouse Uterus During Implatation Window
14. Identification Of Long Non-coding RNAs Of Vlinc Class
15. Functional Characterization Of Non-coding RNAs RsmX/Y/Z Involved In Nitrogen Fixation And Biofilm Formation In Pseudomonas Stutzeri A1501
16. Function Annotation Of Long Non-coding RNAs Based On Multi-omics Data
17. Comparison Of Multi-source Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells And Screening Of Long Non-coding RNAs Relate To Osteogenic Differentiation For Bone Regeneration
18. Function Of Long Non-coding RNA In Hematopoietic Stem Cell Development
19. Intracellular Delivery And Function Of Small Non-Coding RNAs
20. Long Non-coding RNAs Related Risk Pathway Identification And Regulation Function Research In Complex Diseases
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