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1. Effects Of Earthworm On Soil Microbial Growth Activity In Tropical Forests In Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, SW China
2. The Dynamics Of Soil Nitrogen Mineralization In Different Plant Communities Along An Elevation Gradient Of Wuyi Mountains
3. Effects Of Freezing-Thawing On Soil Nitrogen/Phosphorus Mineralization Over The Songnen Grasslands
4. Effects Of Seasonal Freezing-thawing Cycles On Soil Nitrogen Mineralization In Typical Vegetations Of Wutai Mountain
5. Effects Of Fertile Island On The Rates Of Soil Nitrogen Mineralization And Nitrification Under Tamarix Plant
6. Effects Of Nitrogen Deposition On Soil Nitrogen Fractions,Nitrogen Mineralization Processes And The Underlying Mechanisms In The Typical Steppe
7. Response Of Soil Nitrogen Cycle To Simulated Precipitation Reduction In A Southern Subtropical Castanopsis Hystrixplantation
8. Effects Of N Deposition On Plant Community Stability And Soil Microbial Nutrient Utilization Processes In Typical Grassland On Loess Plateau
9. Effects Of Nitrogen Addition On Soil Carbon And Nitrogen Mineralization And Microbial Regulation Mechanism In A Pinus Tabulaeformis Forest
10. Effects Of Freezing And Thawing On Carbon And Nitrogen Conversion In Five Forest Soils In Changbai Mountains
11. Effects Of Freeze-thaw On Soil Nitrogen Dynamics And Nitrogen Mineralization Rate In Tianshan Mountains
12. Effect Of Nitrogen Deposition And Freeze-thaw Cycles On Soil Net Nitrogen Mineralization Under Biological Soil Crust
13. Effects Of Phyllostachys Edulis Invasion Of Native Broadleaf Forest On Nitrogen Mineralization And Its Microbiological Mechanisms
14. Effects Of Biochar Addition On Soil Greenhouse Gases Emission And Nitrogen Transformation In Meadow Of Wugong Mountain
15. Effects Of Bird Droppings On Litter Decomposition And Soil Nitrogen Mineralization In Subtropical Evergreen Broad-leaved Forests
16. Effects Of Different Thinning Methods On The Soil Nutrient Dynamics And Tree Growth Of Mixed Cunninghamia Lanceolata And MangLietia Yuyuanensis Plantation
17. Freezing-thawing Process Of Carbon And Nitrogen Mineralization In Forest Soil On The Daxing'anling Mountains
18. Distribution Characteristics Of Soil Physical And Chemical Properties And Microbial Community Diversity Under Erosion Environment
19. Soil Labile Nitrogen Pool And Nitrogen Transformation Of Degraded Subtropical Forests After Close-to-nature Transformation In The Initial Stage
20. Dynamic Change Of Soil Soluble Organic Nitrogen And Nitrogen Mineralization In Artificial Forest And Grassland In The Loess Plateau
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