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1. Mediation Of Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi On Plant Interaction Under Elevated Carbon Dioxide
2. Research On The Ratio Of Leaf Respiration To Photosynthesis And Its Response To Environmental Variation In East Subtropical China
3. Responses To Simulated Nitrogen Deposition Of Different Ages Of Eucalyptus Dunnii Young Growth
4. The Hyperspectral Response Of Typical Subtopical Trees Under The Acid Rain And N Stress
5. Response Of Soil Actinomycete Community Structure And Genetic Diversity To The Simulated Nitrogen Deposition And Increased Precipitation In A Stipa Baicalensis Meadow Steppe
6. Responses Of Bud Banks And Sexual Reproduction Of Main Plants To Stimulated Precipitation And Nitrogen Deposition In Stipa Krylovii Steppe
7. Experimental Study On The Effect Of The Nitrogen Deposition On The Tundra Vegetation, Changbai Mountain
8. Effects Of Ecological Factors On Invasion Of Hydrocotyle Vulgaris Into Plant Communities
9. Physiological Responses Of Leymus Chinensis- Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiont To The Interaction Of Nitrogen Deposition And Salt-alkali Stress
10. Effects Of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition On The Carbon Cycle In The Haibei Alpine Meadow Ecosystem
11. The Hyperspectral Response Of Subtropical Typical Evergreen Broad-leaved Plant Seedlings Under The UVB And N Stress
12. Response Of The Capsule Production And Spore Germination Of Sphagnum Species In Hani Peatland To Environmental Changes
13. The Study On Plant Seedling Growth Strategy
14. Effects Of Warming And Nitrogen Addition On Structure And Function Of Leymus Chinensis Community In Songnen Grassland
15. Effects Of Light And Nitrogen Deposition On The Growth And Interactions Of The Exotic Plants Robinia Pseudoacacia, Rhus Typhina And Three Native Plant Species
16. Effects Of Water, Light And Nitrogen Deposition On Ecophysiological Characteristics Of Five Dominant Species In Warm Temperate Zone
17. Effects Of Simulated Warming And Nitrogen Deposition On Growth And Morphological Characteristics Of Several Species Of Invasive Asteraceae Plants
18. Effects Of Nitrogen Deposition And Mixed Acid Rain Stress On Photosynthetic And Water Physiology Characteristics Of Typical Subtropical Trees
19. Improvement And Application Of The Soil And Water Assessment Tool
20. Differences Of Litter Decomposition Of Fragmented Habitats In Thousand Island Lake Region And Its Response To Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition
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