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1. Multiocus Sequence Typing And Virulence Evaluation Of The Emetic Bacillus Cereus In Rice
2. The Infection And MLST Analysis Of Endosymbionts Wolbachia In Spiders Of Mangshan Mountain
3. Environmental Heterogeneity Of The AMD Microbial Community Structure And Genotype Distribution Pattern Of Acidothiobacillus
4. Genotyping And In Vitro Drug Susceptibility Of Brucella Isolates From Ulanqab Of Inner Mongollia
5. Typing,Drug Resistance And Pathogenicity Of Salmonella Isolates From Animal During 1950?2009 In China
6. Isolation,Identification,Analysis Of Antimicrobial Resistance,MLST Molecular Typing Of Salmonella From Wild Birds In East China And Preliminary Study On Its Pathogenicity
7. Phylogenetic Analysis Of Chlamydia Suis Strains In China
8. Drug Resistance Of Escherichia Coli And Staphylococcus In Pig Farms
9. Antimicrobial Resistance And Molecular Epidemiology Of The Staphylococcus Aureus From Cow
10. Isolation,Identification,Molecular Typing And Virulence Related Gene Detection Of Campylobacter Jejuni Isolated From Poultry In Some Areas Of Sichuan Province
11. Typing And Heat-resistance Of Bacillus Cereus In The Processing Environment Of Milk Powder
12. Analysis Of Typing And Drug Resistance Of Escherichia Coli In Pigs In Some Areas In Guangxi
13. Identification,Antimicrobial Resistance And Genotyping Of Chicken Clostridium Perfringens Isolated From Different Sources In Taian,Shandong Province
14. Epidemiological Investigation And Genetic Correlation Analysis Of Escherichia Coli From Three Fur Animals In Zhucheng
15. Epidemiological Characteristics And Drug Resistance Characteristics Of Salmonella Strains Isolated From Ducks
16. The Virulent Difference Between Pigmented And Non-pigmented Staphylococcus Aureus
17. Wolbachia Infection And MLST Analysis Of Several Natural Enemies Of Gall Wasp
18. Analysis Of Drug Resistance And MLST Of Salmonella From Animals In Xinjiang
19. Analysis Of Drug Resistance And Molecular Genetic Analysis Of MRSA Isolated From Bovine In Some Farms In North Xinjiang
20. Resistance And MLST Classification Analysis Of Campylobacter Jejuni Isolated From Parts Of Sichuan
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